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Macular degeneration & glaucoma

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Friends, I have dry MD in one eye and am being treated for wet MD in the other. Yesterday, I had a field of vision test and my doc thinks I have glaucoma in the eye with dry MD. He is going to redo the test when I come in for the next treatment but said he will most likely have me start eye drops for glaucoma. I'm very discouraged about this but wondered if anyone has the same situation and can share their experience. Thank you in advance.

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The doctor thought I had glaucoma and started me on eye drops which were not a problem. However the next doctor I saw said he didn’t think I had glaucoma and measured the thickness of my cornea which showed mine are thick and give a wrong reading.

Various eye doctors since have checked with other tests before reading my notes and said that I don’t and that thicker corneas give a wrong reading on the “puff test”

I do feel that if glaucoma can be treated with eye drops it will not be a problem.

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LB1st in reply to Koalajane

Thank you for your response. My pressures are in the normal range but apparently I didn't do so well on the field of vision test which leads him to believe I may have glaucoma. It's like adding insult to injury after the AMD.😕

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Koalajane in reply to LB1st

I think my field test “was unreliable” which wasn’t surprising due to the number of interruptions during the test.

Good Morning LB1st,

While I am sure you will find people here both with AMD and glaucoma, there is a charity specifically for glaucoma, just in case you'd like to get in touch with them:

They have a forum on their website, however I know they have also recently gotten involved in health unlocked too:

Hope this helps and that you are able to share experiences here as well as other places if you choose to explore them as well :)


Macular Society

Advice and Information

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Thank you for the information, Becky. I will have to check it out.

Hi, I have brvo with mac oedema and glaucoma. The drops for glaucoma have worked very well for me for a number of years. The clinic keep a good check of it. X

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LB1st in reply to eyesright

Thank you for your response. And I'm glad to hear the drops have worked well for you.

Hi LB1, I, like you have wet and dry AMD. My vision has been getting worse and I've been thinking that I need to push my doc the next time I am due for another shot in my eye for the wet one, But, was wondering, with the coronavirus are they still seeing patients? So, how do you feel and how has your overall vision been? Koalajane states herein that eye drops have been working for her, since your doc has recommended them, maybe you should try them. Koalajane, if you read this post.... I am wondering why you see so many doctors?

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Koalajane in reply to middlejoel

I see so many because I go to the clinic every 4 to 6 weeks and there are quite a few opthamologists there and I don’t usually see the same one.

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Koalajane in reply to middlejoel

By the way I only had drops for 6 weeks before the senior opthamologist decided that I don’t have glaucoma

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LB1st in reply to middlejoel

Thanks for your response. I live in the U.S. and my doctor is still seeing patients, bless him.

I feel fine and my vision hasn't changed, but my doc said that is the trouble with glaucoma - by the time you notice a vision change, damage has been done.

I have had Glaucoma in my left eye for15 years, and drops have kept it stable., Two years ago I had wet AMD in my right eye, and started injections which have been very successful, so yes , thankful for treatments for both conditions

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LB1st in reply to grannypemb

Thank you for your reply. I know I need to focus on being grateful for having treatment rather than being disappointed for having the disease.🙂

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grannypemb in reply to LB1st

I know how hard it is.. my first reaction when ‘wet’ in the good eye after glaucoma in the other , was that’s not fair!!!!.. to the consultant.. rye smile, ‘it’s what happens!’..keep up with treatments and thankful for each day , good luck x

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LB1st in reply to grannypemb


Scary just now when you don’t know who to contact or who is available. It would be great to have a relationship with a known person. No use telling you not to worry but hope you get to see someone soon.

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LB1st in reply to Shimano

I am very blessed to have a doctor I like (although he is very busy). Thanks so much for your response.🙂

Like many people with myopic macular diseases have wet MD, dry MD and glaucoma

I use drops for the glaucoma - they are easy to use, not usually any side effects apart from slight stingingand the work for most people. I’ve used them for years

When the eye pressure started to rise I had my cataracts done, which tends to help, and at the same time they operated to reduce the pressure. This has worked very well - 18 months on I have low normal eye pressure and the visual field has not reduced due to glaucoma

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LB1st in reply to StokeySue

Thank you. It sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I was concerned about the side effects of the drops. And, frankly, just having one more thing to worry about.

I’ve not had a problem with major side effects

Minor side effects - I think I’ve used 5 different ones over the years - are slight soreness of the skin round the eyes if I don’t blot the skin properly with one in particular and they can irritate your sinuses a little but I find Sterimar spray deals with that, not currently a problem

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LB1st in reply to StokeySue


I have dry AMD and either glaucoma or ocular hypertension; the ophthalmologist isn't sure because my vision field tests aren't reliable. I was prescribed Latanoprost drops and the only side effect that I've experienced is a slight burning sensation after I put the drops in. The burning is so minor that it's really not worth mentioning. So far (14 months), my vision hasn't deteriorated.

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LB1st in reply to Pumpkin71

Thanks for your reply. May I ask, why are your vision field tests not reliable? Since I have eye pressure in the normal range, I am wondering about the accuracy of the test since that is what he's basing the diagnosis on. I also have "large cupping" but that runs in my family with no glaucoma diagnosis for anyone else.

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Pumpkin71 in reply to LB1st

I've never been told why my test results aren't reliable, but I think that my eyes lose focus on the central spot during the tests. I feel stressed during the tests in the ophtholmalogist's office, so I think that I probably have false positives and negatives in the results. I've never been told that my test results weren't reliable or felt stressed when I've been tested in an optometrist's office; it may be due to the difference in the machines used.

I also have large cupping but thick corneas, adding to the difficulty in diagnosis.

Hi LB, I have somehing akin to your situation; wet one eye dry the other--but no other Dx other than cataracts in both eyes. I've dealt with this for 6 years, the first year was the worst for me emotionally. Before this I was a professional and collected photographer--35 years, I can no longer see thru viewfinders, I've also lost my depth of field perception.

I was with one doctor for 5 years but once he dsmissed my improvements that I attributed to changing my diet (drastially) I left him for another. Now I am seeing the asst. professor of opthoology at the big university here in Seattle. SHE listens to me and is NOT predisposed to discount nutrition as an assist in dealing with AMD.

The first year after my Dx I stopped driving...well I am driving again 8-)

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I'm so glad to hear that things are better with you. Having a good rapport with your doctor makes all the difference.

I was diagnosed with dry Macular in both eyes and at the same time Glaucoma in both eyes. That was in 2012. Three months later one of my dry eyes went wet and the injections started. Eylea has worked very well for me and in 2016 the other eye is wet also and gets injections. My glaucoma has gotten worse and now use drops 5 times a day. I can tell I have lost some vision from glaucoma in my right eye but have had the cataract removed and can still see. The other eye need cataract removed from it, just not ready yet. I was very depressed for few years but have now adjusted. It will takes some time to adjust, just keep up your appointments and have a good doctor and you can keep your vision for along time. Good luck.

Thank you, Red. When these situations occur, it is just so disheartening. I am trying to focus on the blessing of having treatments available.

I've have Glaucoma for 8 rears w/optic nerve damage. Many eye drops wasn't getting my pressure down, surgery for both eyes & pressure is way down after fact this past year was down to 2 in left eye...I now have hypo & taking atropine drops to increase the pressure....if this doesn't work, surgery again!! Also have AMD for 2 years, both eyes/ shots every 6 weeks! My eyes are a mess....BUT , at least I can still see...had cataract surgery to both eyes!

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LB1st in reply to burleybb

Thanks for your reply. My next appointment is in a few weeks. I'm trying not to think about it!🙂Getting older is not for the faint of heart.

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