More devasting than macular degeneration

Hallo friends it's Squinty, I've been a bit silent lately as out of blue from a chest infection I had a ct scan and from abnormalities on that I had further tests and have been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread. I have just had this news so trying to come to terms with treatment etc. My eyes are ok still having injections. 5th Eylea one on 18th. I also got PVD but that's ok. Saw my consultant privately and he said eyes ok at the moment. So you can imagine how I'm feeling­čÖü Still reading all your posts though xxx

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  • So sorry to hear your news. You know only too well how vital a good support system is following any devastating news. I hope you have family and friends in your circle to share your journey as well as online friends. All the very best!

  • Oh squinty, squinty! What can I say? How devastating it must be for you. I am so so sorry. Believe it or not - I burst out into tears when I read your post. Maybe it will give you a little comfort to know we care. I am loath to tell you to think positive as I was told by people when I had breast cancer - as if that were the answer to everything. If only it was that simple! Having said that, there are a number of different treatments available and more and more are being introduced. Much can be done these days. So hang in there, squinty.

    Sending you my love and a big big hug. ayayay

  • Thanks darling but lung cancer no cure mine in inoperable and incurable but treatable but to what extent I don't know xxxx I'm coming to terms hugs back

  • As Squinty, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Wishing you all the best and sending big hugs xxx

  • So sorry to hear your news squinty. I wish you well on your journey. Best Wishes. Take care ­čśŐ xx

  • Ah squinty, sending you big hugs xxx So very sorry to hear your devastating news xxx as you say, perspective is everything xxx

    I hope you have a strong network of people in your life to help you deal with this blow. We are always here for you too, if you don't want to post you can always private message xxx

    Nothing I can say will make it better but just know that I care and am thinking of you xxx

  • Oh dear Squinty wish I had a way to make everything better for you.

    Very big hug & much hope for the future, keep fighting.

    Much love too.

  • I am so very sorry for you to have been given this news, it makes our eye worries seem almost trivial. I have nothing to say but that you have made me feel less sorry for myself. I hope you find some strength to face whatever the future may

  • I am so sorry to hear your news, It is devastating for you. Over the last two years I have been a silent participant of this community but I feel that Sqinty and Eyesright are two people that I know, you are always so kind and supportive and help myself and others keep things positive and in perspective. Please please take care of yourself and maybe let some of us support you.

  • I agree totally with your post - we background members have relied on squinty and eyesright to support others - maybe we should take a leaf from their book and be a bit more proactive. Well done to them and big virtual hug to Squinty at this anxious time.

  • So sorry to hear your news. Xx

  • How sorry I am to hear your news - you have always been so supportive to others on this site and hope you receive the love and support you need. X

  • Dear Squinty

    I'm thinking of you and thinking and thinking, and feeling useless. There's just this: live one day at a time. (Easy to say, isn't it.)

    We're all here and so with a very heavy heart I send you love in abundance.

  • Dear Squinty, I'm so sorry and my heart goes out to you; as if you haven't gone through enough already recently. I hope you'll still post when you get chance and I'll be thinking of you. Sending love and hugs x

  • Hi Squinty ...dont give up hope...a positive attitude and good friends who make you laugh :) sending lots of good wishes and cwtches (hugs) im Welsh lol xxxx

  • I am so sorry squinty!!! From the bottom of my heart. I will pray for you. From what I I see from you, you are a strong person. I am so sorry. My prayers are with you.

  • Hi Squinty,

    So sorry to hear your news.

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Oh squinty so so sorry I really don't know what else to say I always fee I should come up with some sort of wise words!! I never can. Bless your heart I am thinking of you and wrapping you in love hugs we are all with you, you are not alone remember we are your friends we love you and if that was medicine you and all of us would be cured now. So many,hugs Shannie 04xxxxxx

  • Hi Squinty I have been away for a while so have just read about your news. I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You are in my prayers and will pray for you and your nearest and dearest much esp as this is our church's week of prayer take care and you always know where to come when u want to let off steam and need an extra sense of support. Keep us in touch when u can

  • Kind thoughts and warmest wishes. Hope you have the support of family and friends.

  • Oh no! Thoughts and prayers are with

  • Thinking of you Squinty. You have been so lovely and supportive to those on this forum. Best wishes. We are all thinking of you. xxx

  • Hi Squinty, Just read about your news, I am so sorry I hope you have t he support you need at this time. I found Macmillan Cancer Care very helpful when I had breast cancer (twice). My thoughts are with you.

  • So very sorry squinty to read your devastating news. Yours so kind and helpful to everyone and myself on here I send you lots love at this a very worrying time xxx

  • Squinty, So very, very sorry to hear your devastating news. As others have said, you are very much in our thoughts and prayers, please remember that at times of darkness. Bless you for all the support you have shown others. Please keep in touch.

    Mel x

  • I've been a bit of a stranger lately too Squinty but, as many others here have already said, you are seen as a real friend so this is hard news to read. Hopefully flicking through all the messages filled with love, support and those most important hugs, will give you some comfort on the difficult days ahead. Wishing you all the strength in the world.

    And another hug from me (as you can't have too many and they do make you smile!)

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