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Macular degeneration


I have been receiving injection in my eye since September 2019, for what I thought was a gramuloma in the macula.. I asked the nurse today what I have a she said macular degeneration. The eye dr never mentioned this to me, she just kept telling me injection were for fluid or odema ... I am worried now I am 48...

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Good Morning Moddy22,

This is a great community and I am sure some others will be along shortly to share their experiences and support you.

If you would like to give us a call and we can discuss your condition and concerns you may have, we are open Mon-Friday 9-5pm GMT (excluding bank holidays) on 0300 3030 111 or you can email us at

All the best,


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Hi Moddy and welcome. I don't have any information for you but that's not to say that somone else won't be able to help you here. What you could do is either ring the Macular Society as Becky has suggested or you could ring your consultant's secretary and ask to be told exactly what the problem is that you have in your eye. If you can't get hold of the secretary, you could ring the Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) at your eye hospital and ask her to find out for you and let you know. Good luck. x

Moddy22 in reply to springcross

Thank you

my original diagnosis 9 years ago was central serous chorioretinopathy, CSR damages the macula causing it to scar and degenerate. My CSR was treatment resistant and led to macular degeneration so there are many conditions that have the same end result as primary macular degeneration .Always the best course is to ask your doctor lots of questions and demand answers regarding your specific disease

Moddy22 in reply to Memato30

Thank you... I will ask a lot of questions next month.. I think I was in denial maybe that's why I never asked many questions...

Thank you all. I get very anxious when I go for my injection and I forget to ask any questions. I go on my own as well. There is no local eye clinic, I travel to the next county so I take about 4 hours to travel . I just hope I don't get it on the other eye... I have been vaping nicotine for 5 years... so just incase there a link . I will give up... also going eat a healthier diet.. any tips I would be grateful...

I have googled and I know the dangers but it addictions and like any it hard to give up... however I am trying my best to eat healthy and not vape...

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