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Update on my myopic cnv macular degeneration

About 15 months ago I was diagnosed with choroid neovascularization (cnv) in my right eye. Just out of the blue at age 39 I noticed a black spot near my central vision. I received one injection of Avastin 4 days later. I was so upset I actually thought death would be easier (!) and i lost a lot of weight because I couldn't eat. I was starving, but I had zero appetite. I was worried for my daughters because I desperately didn't want this to happen to them. Fast forward to now, in the last month I've been able to stop wearing the yellow glasses I had been using to ease / disguise the distortion. I can go hours without thinking about my eye now. I understand that another cnv may happen again, but I'm encouraged by this first experience as I've learned the wonderful human brain can adapt to new visual conditions over time. My retina is permanently scarred, but I'm still very blessed to be alive. Soli deo Gloria!

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Hello again.

I remember replying to your original post.

So glad you are feeling much more positive. You are young and have a lot of life in front of you to enjoy.

Look after yourself and eat a healthy diet and exercise as there is much we can do to help ourselves and our eyes.

My Very best wishes to you. G


Thank you for your encouragement! I hope I can remain this positive if / when it happens again. I just wanted to share my progress with anyone who is dealing with a similar situation.


So glad you shared! "keep Trucking" !!


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