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Subretinal fluid

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Would appreciate advice on a subretinal leak, I am having injections on my right eye for wet AMD with a Avastin but it has stopped working so will be changing to another type, but my left eye is showing the leak not by the Macular at present but I have been called for the Fluorescein dye test to see the extent of the subretinal leak.

Just wondering if this treatment will be injections or is there any other treatment?

Having this on December 24th.

Hoping my friends on The Macular society are doing well.



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As far as I am aware all AMD treatments involve injection.

The flouro process is part of diagnosis and involves injection in the arm.


Some subretinal fluid is a serous fluid due to

chorionic serous retinopathy. If it does not disappear and is severe it may be treated with PDT. ( a cold laser). It is a different condition than wet macular degeneration which still may lead to permanent vision loss. It causes distortion and things may appear smaller and dimmer. My best wishes to you.

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MacularAnn in reply to alalex101

Thanks alalex101, I wondered if it was different from the Macular , I did read that it can also disappear.? I haven’t heard of the cold laser!

I hope you are coping with your eye condition?

My very best wishes

Ann x

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alalex101 in reply to MacularAnn

My CSR is chronic but stable for a boule of years. It is bothersome but I still work on a computer all day and drive short distances not much at night. The first time I had it.....on my forties it did go away. I am 50 now and also have myopic degeneration.

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MacularAnn in reply to alalex101

Well done you sound very positive, it is all about accepting our eyesight problems and living life as full as possible.

You must have much experience, in time I expect I will have a better handle on the condition so will wait and see what the consultant says about the new leak in my left eye.

I was surprised to find it was a different problem to that of the wetAMD in my right eye.

So Thankyou again my friend, wishing you all the best.

Kind regards

Ann x

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