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What actually causes the grey spots??


The vision from my CRVO eye is like looking at a large jigsaw puzzle of a scene - with half of the jigsaw pieces painted light grey. Thus I get no vision data information from these grey areas - but do get information from the other areas. Hence , with only my bad eye open, I can see enough ( information) to get around - but insufficient for any detail. I can walk down a footpath unaided and see people coming towards me - but I cannot see what sex the people are ( man or woman) until they get much closer.

My RS is giving me Lucentis injections and seems to be concentrating on getting my macular edema (swelling) under control - and I understand that this process is the same as he does for people with aged macular degeneration. BUT - my problem is more than just macular edema , that is a secondary effect of the vein blockage and resulting retinal hemorrhages.

I understand that the CRVO cannot be "unblocked" - so what is the point of having injections to correct macular edema if I am left with a damaged retina?? What is causing the visual experience that I have - the hemorrhages, the edema or a combination of both. What would happen if I stopped having the injections??

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Hi bazza, I have brvo and my hubby had an artery occlusion. His vision is like yours but worse. I have only a small blank spot although it's in a particularly bad place ( the more closely I look at something small the less I see it).

My understanding is that the grey areas are the damaged places. If oedema is left untreated more cells beneath it will be damaged and sight will worsen.

The inj help dry it up and my Dr says this also gives the eye a chance to find a new place to drain itself ( although that hasn't happened for me yet 3 1/2 yrs on).

I have only had the one blockage, bleed and resulting but persistent oedema. Have you had more than one bleed? They told me high bp, high cholesterol, being overweight, diabetes, smoking all contribute (I am fat but no other factors!). They couldn't give chance of it happening in other eye except to say v unlikely ( which I found strange given the health factors they quoted me but I have been ok and now don't worry about it).

If you haven't already it might be worth you having a health check with your gp.

Bazza1234 in reply to eyesright

I have two of the risk factors for CRVO - age and artherosclerosis ( calcification/hardening of arteries) - other than that , I am not overweight, smoke, no high BP, am a runner so quite fit, etc. As for bleeds, I was first referred to an opthamologist by my optometrist - I have extensive haemoraging on the retina - blood spots everywhere!! So I am really trying to find out what is causing my vision to be like it is - damage to the retina or the edema or both.

eyesright in reply to Bazza1234

CRVO like brvo is a blockage in a retinal vein. Essentially a stroke in the eye. So your atherosclerosis seems to be the key relevant cause? As to your vision I would have thought both the retinal damage and the oedema are playing a part. My hubby's retinal damage caused his ' spotty' vision which is permanent, my grey patches ( which the inj improve temporarily) are due to my oedema. I'm guessing you have a little of both but your consultant should be able to tell you as they have your scan info etc.

I have Coats disease which causes grayish floaters and black spots which in my case is due to the vessels behind my eye leaking last laser for it took 169 hits. I have diabetic macular Adema also and if i dont keep it down i will eventually go completely blind in the eye affected


Dear Bazza1234,

It would be worth you directing these questions to your ophthalmologist via their secretary, as they will be able to answer with reference to your eyes in particular.

Kind regards,

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