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Scarring after removal of epiretinal membrane


I had an epiretinal membrane and had it removed five years ago at the age of 66. It was unsuccessful, and that was because I was told that there is scarring in front of the retina. I was under the impression that nothing could be done, and my eyesight is significantly worse now than before the surgery. I am trying to find out if there is anything that can be done to remove this scar.

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That is a difficult question to answer. Look up ll the data on epiretinal membranes, puckers, and removal oval of retinal scars you can find on various websites. You will find that the success rate of em ops varies, especially long term. As for the removal of scars, it can be done depending on exactly where the scar on the retina is - whether on the surface of the retina or between the layers of the membranes. Only your specialists will be able to tell you if your specific condition has any chance of improvement measured against the possible risk of further damage.

I suggest you ask for a second opinion. I would be interested to know how you get on.

Roll on stem cell transplants! Then there is hope for most of us.

hughbradyconrad in reply to Hidden

Thank you. The scarring is right in front of the retina, and I was told that they could do nothing about it. However, since I was have moved from Pittsburgh, where the operation took place, to another part of the country, perhaps seeing another retinal specialist could help.

I appreciate your advise.

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Yes, do try for a second opinion at least. You never know; different clinics have different ideas. Good luck.


Dear hughbradyconrad,

Are you currently under an ophthalmologist? If so, it would be worth contacting them via their secretary with a list questions. If not, it may be worth asking your GP to refer you to a retinal specialist in order to discuss your concerns.

Kind regards,

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I had a cataract removed last month and an iStent implanted for predispersion pigmentary glaucoma. All went well, but it was on the other eye.

The eye with the retinal issue had the cataract removed in 2011. The surgeon recommended that prior to the cataract surgery that I have a YAG Capsulotomy on that eye to improve the nearsightedness in that eye.

So, yes, I am under the care of an ophthalmologist. The surgeon could refer me to a retinal specialist if he believes that it would be worthwhile. I am not to see him again until March since another doctor is doing the follow up care, but wanted to have as much information about this as I could.

Thanks for your reply.

I met with my doctor for my final followup for the cataract/iStent procedure. She told me that they could do nothing with the retina because it was cellular. I did not have time to continue the discussion about what that meant, only that it pretty much precluded my doing anything to improve the reading in that eye. Thanks for your help.

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