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Update on third Eyela injection

Prep went ok but I had to remind the team that I had a reaction to the Iodine and they should use a double diluted solution to prevent the stinging and tears. I had expected that this would have been recorded on my records but apparently not. I did see a different clinician since the last two injections so technique may have been a little different.

The injection was a little painful for a few seconds and the "lava lamp" effect lasted a few seconds longer and larger than last time. No long term problems though.

I experienced the gritty sensation more so this time but not as bad as first injection.

Have to wait now for approx eight weeks for another OCT to see what effect the injections have had on the bleed. Hopefully it will be a positive effect and long lasting.

I did use Hycosan drops once an hour to sooth the eye and that helped a great deal.

We are very fortunate to have this treatment given its expense.

Good luck to all undergoing the injections.

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I'm glad you seem to have had a better time- I find I see different people nearly all the time and have to update them!! My last injection was perfect- (11th Eyelea) couldn't tell it had been done


Good to hear , best wishes going forward.


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