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Injection site bloodshot ...again!


I’m wondering if I should complain as when this particular individual administers the injections I am left with bloodshot eyes. Last time they did it, half of my right eye was bloodshot and didn’t clear for ten days. This time it is both injection sites with nearly a centimetre round being bloodshot! In between seeing them I had another injection which was fast and efficient and no evidence. Should I say something? It is because they are doing things slowly and patiently that it’s a problem!

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I think it can be a problem with injections

I would personally, I know it can be hard, patients often feel like they're breaking a trust with the clinician or that they will be penalised in some way. I think from NHS experience that it tends to work the other way - those that are active in advocating for themselves get more motivated treatment. But its a very individual decision. I think I would feel frustrated next time I was on the table and that nurse injected me if I didn't say anything. Hope it heals soon as xxxx

No I would not complain it is something many times that cannot be helped it just happens. Yesterday I had an injection and the lady was slow and patient and it did not happen, your eyes may be more susceptible to getting blood shot.

Catseyes235 in reply to tallyho

No I’ve been receiving treatment for 4 years and this has only happened with this practitioner (except once when I blinked but my fault) Its the slow delivery of the injection that allows for ‘bruising’. I’ve had two other single injections in between from another person with no problem !

Request (strongly) that person not be the one to give you injections. Ask for someone else IF there is another qualified person available to give you the injections. Have them put a note in your chart/folder that you do not want that person to give you the injections & hopefully they will schedule you with someone else.

Thanks I may suggest this but I think it’s just her training that may need tweaking! It must be difficult to qualify to give these injections and be told you’re doing something wrong but I feel maybe she is so worried about getting it wrong she’s taking too long over giving the actual injection.

I prefer fast and efficient rather than so much reassurance - less is more!

I strongly agree with Retired130. Ask that someone else does the injection and have this put on your notes. From what you’ve told us, this clinician clearly needs more training and if no one says anything this will continue. Sorry, but we’re not talking about a simple procedure here - there are risks involved if the injection isn’t done correctly

I understand what someone said about not wanting to be penalised but you can do this in a pleasant way and say what you’ve said to us.

If it was your child that was the patient would you still say nothing? I say this because it wasn’t until I had children that I started to take a stand whether it was with a school or hospital. We were brought up not to make a fuss or complain. Bloodshot eyes for two weeks might not be life-threatening but I am sure it must be really unpleasant and could be avoided with training.

Thanks TwasBrillig (love the name btw!) I’m beginning to think that she is trying to reassure herself as much as anything.... Calloo callay as they say!

..........She chortled in her joy 😂 I love that rhyme - grew up with it and I named one of the kids’ squeaky toys “Gallumph”

If she does need reassurance, she is best getting that from further training which would build her confidence.

After each injection I always had a bloodshot eye. It lasts for one week. I am OK with that. Worse than that was when I went blind TWICE in the injected eye!!! Frightening, to say the least! It took almost 10 minutes for my sight to return.

When I had a subsequent appointment with my retinal specialist’s Physician Assistant, I mentioned about the blindness, and she said, “We are not using that solution anymore”.

Here’s the kicker......I did NOT get a bloodshot eye when she injected!

Her technique was better than the retinal specialist!

That’s interesting, I suppose if you always had a bloodshot eye you’d think it normal! I’ve probably had 20 + injections now and only had bloodshot eye at the injection site when this particular person did it! Hope you can mention that as well next time! You wouldn’t think there were to many ways to deliver an injection but I think if the injector is a bit nervous themselves there’s problems. I’ve had a few where I hardly noticed they’d done it and been fine.

i had my first injection two weeks ago, a blood vessel burst that left my eye bllodshot and on top of that, the injector made a mistake of going into my lens, i now have an acute cataract which left the eye with a very blurry vision...don’t let this happen to you, always ask for the person who is most efficient/experienced

Cheers. My brother has AMD and cataracts but no causal relation as cataracts develop over time. In fact he is having second cataract op done tomorrow in between his macular injections!

It seems clear the problem is with this injector. I really sympathise with how difficult it is to do what is best for yourself if you feel you are causing trouble but if you don’t speak up For yourself no one else will. You may not be the only one having a problem. All the best. Take care of yourself.

Yes it’s difficult to as can’t really be anonymous. She’s not too great with the clamps either. Difficult to complain too when someone is heading towards your eye with a needle?!!

Mmmmmmm.. Something similar happened to me first injection was fine second given by a different nurse left extreme blood shot which took over 2 weeks to clear up, on the third occasion I asked to be seen by the first nurse and they injected with no resultant bloodshot eye.

I should add that there was a slight different in technique between nurses. The first and third times the nurse insured that the eye was well and truelly numb however the second nurse dabbed the solution on to my eye using a cotton bud it did not seem right!

I won't be given any further injections by this nurse, of course this is not to say it might not happen by accident on a subsequent occasion just by bad luck of hitting a blood vessel.

Catseyes235 in reply to PHILhr

Yes sometimes you can’t choose who does your injections and especially under COVID restrictions it's hard to be seen as picky!

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