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A shorter break from injections than I'd hoped for ☹


Noticing my neighbours window frame looked a little wiggly one morning I contacted the eye clinic who invited me for an earlier scan instead of waiting the usual 4 weeks. The scan didn't look much different to the last one but the consultant said there was a haemorrhage in the membrane (not sure if that is different to CNV or part of same condition). So he recommended another injection which I had today (My 5th). Another scan in 4 weeks to see how things are. I also couldn't get as far down on the eye chart as I did last time which was a worry.

I was So optimistic after successful initial injections. Feel a bit deflated.


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My results have varied like this too but am now at 10 weeks even though there is still some leakage- but not centrally- so hang on in there!!!

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Thanks for the response rosyG. I think I celebrated too early even though I know from reading on this site it can be a rollercoaster. I'm hanging on thanks. 2468G

Sending you a hug x

This journey can be a rollercoaster.

Best wishes going forward.

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Hi eyesright. Yes I've learned from this set back. Definately a rollercoaster. Take nothing for granted. Thanks for the hug and good wishes. Needed them today. 2468G

I can identity with you as I also started with high hopes. Had four lucentis injections which haven't worked and now I cannot read very far down the chart either which makes me wonder if it has made it worse. They have now started me on Eyelea just one injection so just have to think positive. Hopefully you will have more luck and as others have said you have to see how it goes after next injections.

Can anyone tell me if the injections do make it worse for some people as Not being able to read far down the chart has scared me?

Hello pinkperfection.

It was scary not getting as far down on the chart yesterday but after my first four Injections with Eylea I did better so I am hoping this 5th injection will improve it again. Have to remain positive. I have another scan in 4 weeks so I will leave a message with my results.

Very best of luck to you with your Eylea injections. Best wishes 2468G

Thank you so much for your encouragement, I will hope for some improvement. Hope all goes well for you, let me know how you get on.

I think the good news is that me you are one of those people who can detect their own haemorrhages and run for help - apparently not everyone can in the early stages , and it does help control if you can go for help. Wiggly window frames are exactly the sort of symptom I get

Scant comfort I know, but trying to pull out a positive.

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Thanks StokeySue.

Yes that is something to be grateful for. I didn't realise it could happen without obvious symptoms. I'm sure you get the same sinking feeling I got when I noticed a new wiggle. I appreciate the fast response I got from my clinic.

Hoping you don't notice any new wiggles. Best wishes 2468G

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