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Update on second Eyela injection

My first injection was quite painful with sustained stinging and tears for over twelve hours. After 48 hrs when able to wash, I experienced a "chemical peel" in the surface of my facial skin where the iodine was used.

Today my clinician recommended using a "double dilution" of iodine as it is a safer cleanser. I also "armed" myself with "Hycosan moderate" eye drops for dry eyes. It contains over 200 metered drops and can last 6 months.

During the injection I experienced the "lava lamp" effect for a few seconds but all has been very good. Very little stinging and a much reduced gritty feeling. Its now 12 hours after and I have no effects. I did apply one drop of Hycosan each hour for its soothing effect.

Hope this infomation helps others.

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Hi bobpp, glad this experience was better for you.

I use Hylotear drops which have the same metered dose and six month life. I do open a new bottle after any eye inj though just to be on the safe side.

Best wishes to you going forward.


Is hycosan am over the counter eye drop and thank you


Hycosan 7.5ml (moderate in a blue box) is available from the pharmacy. The pharmacy recommended the drops but told me to ok its use by my clincian. She said that it was a good product and to use it frequently following the injection. Its very cooling and can last 6 months. Cost was £10. As eyesright mentioned above there is Hylotear drops and they were £18. Trust this helps

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I get mine prescribed by gp. so would be cheaper. As I prepay for my prescriptions though (£10.40/ mnth) all of my prescriptions ( repeat and ad hoc) are included which works out better value.


have had more than 35 injections. If my eye is not extremely well flushed after the injection I am in trouble when the anaesthetic wears off. I have been told to remind the injectors every time that I need AN EXTREMELY GOOD FLUSH BECAUSE I REACT BADLY TO RESIDUAL IODINE. They use at least a full 10ml bottle of sterile flush 'in all corners'. The eye should be rolled from side to side as they flush - and tell them you don't care how much runs down your face!

I have no adverse conditions after at all PROVIDING I remind them EVERY time.

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Thank you for that information yotboy. I will ensure that the clinician is made aware of the iodine reaction at my next injection in Feb. The constant stinging and skin reaction was pretty awful. I do have Rosacea and have to be careful of soaps etc. Perhaps others with Rosacea should mention this to the clinician prior to their first injection.

Good luck with your treatment.

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