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My take on stress free painless injections


Like many of us I have had a number of different injectors and I always wonder who I am going to get. Some have been more adept than others, though the aftermath has been more or less the same, except after my 3rd injection when every bone in my face became hot and extremely painful. For the 4th injection I was offered an alternative to iodine, but quite frankly, I noticed no difference and as always had the usual soreness for the rest of the day. I was never offered the alternative again.

As for painless injections, out of 9 injections I have only experienced two occasions when I just felt a dull pressure, but the rest of the time I felt the sharp pain of the needle going in. My first injection was done by a female injector and she and the nurse were giggling about something while preparing everything while I was waiting on the couch, as if so by the way, for things to happen. Very little was said to me. And wow, the injection was painful!! I walked out of there almost in tears, though I am no one to fuss. She has done my injection at a later time, but her technique did not seem to have improved.

What makes my situation worse is that after the first 5 injections and a blissful 5 months break from injections I was placed on the "As and "When" system. though I have never had another break. This means I never know when the appointments come and planning ahead is very difficult. They always have to find a slot for me as best as they can, which can be any day of the week including Sunday.

As for stress, well, I no longer worry about who might be on duty and I have learnt to go with the attitude "Lets get on with it and get it over with. And for all my little moans I am grateful to the NHS as the injections are working for me. Things are not ideal, but perfection does not exist and I accept that.

I am due for injection No 10 on Tuesday. I still hope it is not my "female friend"

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Gosh Ayayay, after reading that, I am feeling lucky - for a change! I just wish they had been able to preserve the good sight I had. I have to say, the injections have never been as bad as the after effects. Only once in 2 and half years, have I had to return on another day for the injection, and that was an unscheduled emergency appointment. Another thing our hospital is very efficient with appointments. You arrange date and time for your next appointment before leaving the hospital and receive confirmation letter a few days later.

I wish you good luck for your coming appointment and hope you don't get the dreaded one!!

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Thanks Bobby

I guess we all have our story to tell. I forgot to mention that when the fluorocine angiogram was done before treatment had started they concentrated on the wrong eye taking lots and lots of pictures of my good eye, which by the way is not all that good either. That was after I had waited 90 mins to be called, getting more and more stressed out, only to be told reluctantly that I had been overlooked even though I had enquired at the desk every 30 mins why people wee coming and going and I was the only one still waiting. And then when I queried why all the attention was given to the good eye and very little to the bad one they would not admit to their mistake. It took four weeks when a consultant very reluctantly admitted the error. I can laugh about it all now, but at the time the whole episode was very distressing.

I like your appointment system. It makes sense. At least you know where you are. I am sorry the injections don't work so well for you. Who knows, something better may be on the horizon for us all before too long. Lets hope so.



That is awful. Ask if they can inject in a different quadrant of the eye. Some people find less discomfort if injected in a different area although it has to be in a 4mm band around the lens. Also, if you feel even the slightest sensation when the betadine is dripped in ask for more anaesthetic.

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Thanks Rennatk. I am sure they use lots of anaesthetic drops, but I will mention the different quadrant to them tomorrow. Will see how it goes!

I think Rennatk is right ayayay, the top of the eye is more painful for me, the bottom better. I think they do have to vary it though. Do ask for more anaesthetic, I did on advice of my consultant and it helped, Good luck Thursday x

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Thanks eyesright. Will do.

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