up date on Eyelea and BRVO

Hope you are all enjoying the sun!1

Just back from 4th injection of Eyelea- a little sad that have to go back to 4 weekly injections- had thought it might be 8 weeks this time as seemed to be going well. However, grateful for the care taken and pleased they notice some more oedema in good time. Can't fault the St George's branch of Moorfields- so pleased with the process.

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  • Hope it works for you rosyg, I'm on eyelea no 4 too - it worked well and is still ok so far, hope you get a good result too.

    I have noticed being relaxed seems to help my results (had lovely hols problem comes when back at work lol).

    Got my review 28/6. Fingers crossed for us all x

  • yes- good luck!! let yes know how you get on please

  • Hello rosyG

    i hope everything is going as well as can be expected for you and that they are taking good care of you. It is odd that when you slip down in the system with fewer appointments as in my case - while I should be glad, I nevertheless feel uneasy and expect something drastic to happen any moment. I have booked a holiday in Austria in 2 weeks time between appoinments and wonder if I have made a mistake doing so. Still, I believe that life should go on as normal as possible.

    best wishes xx

  • definitely the right thing to do- I was going to Spain but had an episode of Atrial Fibrillation ( first for 3 years) so have cancelled but am keeping the booing for a week before Christmas and living in hope!1 Don't want to waste my efforts to revive all my Spanish verbs!!

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