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9th Eyelea injection

Had my 9th Eyelea injection on Wednesday. Dont think that the Eyelea is working as well on my left eye as the Lucentis did on my right eye a few years ago.

With the Lucentis i had an immediate improvement from the first injection & now have fairly good sight in the right eye. I can still read & colour with my white light behind me. The right eye now has a very black round spot getting larger that i can see at night when there is not much light getting to the bathroom. I can live with that unless it gets worse which i hope will be slowly.

The left eye is a mess. I can read close too but further than a few feet away & all is a blur.The night time black spot is bigger & darker than in the right eye now. Even new lenses in my glasses has not helped. Eyelea has stopped the bleed for now as on Wednesday it was dry. So in 3 months at my next appointment i may not need another injection. Have had a 3 injection x 3 course of Eyelea but do not know if this is gradually reducing the dose or what. Does anyone know about this or have this at their clinic?

Will not complain though as if not for all at my clinic i would not be able to see as well as i can now.

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Hello cormorin

I cannot answer your question as I have only had 3 Eylea injections so far, my next one being due in February. In my case they seem to work as apparently there is a slight improvement although I have not noticed any difference. Did they tell you why they used eylea instead of lucentis which had worked for you before? I supppose it could be a question of cost -eylea being a little cheaper and requiring fewer injections and consultations. I do hope your left eye improves too. Wishing you all the best. x

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Hi wasn't given a reason why the change to Eyelea just that our clinic was liaising with others to give the best treatment & we would be treated with Eyelea now.

If our Consultant thinks this is the best way then ok by me as he is very good so have to just keep on hoping it gets better over time.


Hi cormorin, I think both Lucentis and eylea have the 3x inj each 4weeks apart as a loading dose then the gap widens as improvement is seen. The standard gap for eylea is longer than that for Lucentis but it's all variable for each person.

With Lucentis I had many courses of 3x with a few singles. Initial improvement was good then a rollercoaster. Never got past 6 weeks gap without worsening. 1st eylea has been brilliant, will let you know how my schedule goes.

Wishing you all the best going forward x


Hi every clinic seems to be different in their treatments. My Consultant has said before that every eye is different in its reaction to the injections so i guess we must just be happy that we are getting treatment that my poor Mum never got.

She had laser treatment which seemed to make her amd worse & really suffered afterwards. So personally i am glad we now have Eyelea & Lucentis.


Hi I have just had my first eyelea injection, after having lucentis in my rt eye for about nine months, without the fluid diminishing much,so I am hoping it will work. My clinic are so busy and the appointments are sometimes longer than they used to be when my left eye was treated for @ two yrs, has been dry now for nrly two yrs and my vision improved. I am also eating very healthy, lost a stone, and take Vision ace. Both my parents had wet macular degeneration, my dad had the first experimental laser treatment which did not work, at the Moorfields London Hospital, he was a guinea pig bless him, sadly he did not live to old age. My mum did not have treatment after that, she had all the aids etc talking books, lived Independently until 94, but was virtually blind by that age. It was heartbreaking to watch. I consider myself so lucky to have the injections, which have improved my left eye. I worked as a community nurse until 62, now look after my grandchildren, however I always have apprehension re the future, the availability of the injections etc. I have got myself back from the stable clinic when my right eye started to leak. I rang the emergency line, I had distorted vision. My clinic are generally very good.


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