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3rd Eyelea injection

3-4 weeks ago i was moaning about the new Eyelea injections after having 7 successful Lucentis injections 2 years ago in my right eye.

Think i may stop the moaning if the rest of the injections carry on as this last one yesterday.

I was very wary, totally shaking when i went in but whether it was the speed at which the doctor carried it out or just that my eye is getting used to Eyelea now i had a pretty good result.

The grey cloud that i could not see through before did not happen. Just the usual cloud for a while & the stinging of course. Today my eye aches a bit but seems to be better than before. So maybe this is the way Eyelea works. It seems to have halted the bleed too for which i am very grateful as i have a fair bit of disturbed vision in this eye but maybe it will get a bit better as my right did with Lucentis.

So happier today than for a while & still really appreciate my Consultant & all his team, they are great!

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Hi cormorin, very very happy for you ! Hope they are all as good and do the job x

Got my next Lucentis tomorrow with a different dr, bit nervous but happy to be getting treatment again as it has been 9 weeks since last one and the eye is bad at the moment, its good tho to have the prev good result to compare with this coming one.

Fingers crossed for us all x

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Hope by the time you read this you have had a successful day & that you get a good result from Lucentis. My experience with Lucentis was a very good one after the first round of pure panic.

Best of luck.


Hi, we are glad to hear you have had a more positive experience with your Eylea Injection. So few people seem to have this med and so it is harder to compare. Your experience appears to mirror Mr Smiler. Following a suggestion from someone on this Forum, he now takes Paracetomol before the Injection and remains on them for the next 24 hours. That made a huge improvement to the pain/discomfort although the stinging remains the same. The last Injection no. 2 saw a huge improvement from no. 1 but this time he feels it has stayed the same at best. Psychologically his 1mg dosage is playing on his mind as a negative, as this was queried by the nursing staff quite strongly. We will see in 2 weeks time as he heads towards his 3rd Injection. Shame there is nothing to help with the absolute meltdown during the procedure. Mr Smiler is going to talk to the Consultant about this on the day to make sure he is on side. Have a good day from The Smilers x

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Thanks for reply. One of the doctors last time told me to take my regular painkillers as they helped some people so good to know someone else has found they help.

It is difficult to judge how Eyelea works against Lucentis especially when there are not to many people having Eyelea at present.

Here's hoping that we all get a good result eventually.


Not I should recommend it .... however to get through the injection procedure I take half a 'tablet' prescribed by the doc. (Still have to lie there for a while after the injections but helps keep me there on their table!) It's enough to take the edge of.


I guess anything, within reason, that helps us get through cant be a bad idea.

What works for one of us wont always work for all of us but i think its good to pass on something that works, just in case.


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