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Newbie - does grid warp always mean Wet AMD?

Hi everyone. Just like the last post, this Tuesday I was told I had MD too. I don't think I was fully processing at the time as I was at clinic to find out if I should get my double lens replacement op done for my cataracts (at the ripe old age of 46..). I'd never heard of the condition before and tried to write everything down the doctor said but she covered a lot. She did not specify wet or dry but said I needed more tests including the florescian angiogram (I think).

Once I got home, I googled to find out more about the condition and had a go at the grid. I've 2 patches with warped vision on one eye with 1 patch on the other. I realise all the advise is get help so I contacted the hospital. I'm booked in for the tests in 10 days time - they can't get me in any earlier event though the nurse on the macular clinic said she would if she could.

Needless to say 10 days seems a very long time to wait for a proper diagnosis. I'm trying to not panic (not particularly well!) while fully entertaining the possibility I really must have the wet AMD.

I wondered if it is the case that if you have warped vision on the grid, you definitely have Wet AMD? I appreciate the experts are best placed to tell me everything but I'm trying to gauge how much I should be prepared for the Wet diagnosis - I wondered if others could explain their grid experience.


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Hi Kath70

First of all, don't panic. I know it is easier said than done. It is always a shock to be told. The waiting is always so nerve-racking. But, you are quite lucky really to get your appointment so quickly, even if it seems a long time. However, as kevinaki already suggested, if you notice any major changes in your vision, A&E is the place to contact immediately.

If your lenses need replacing this could be part of your problem, as clouded lenses can give double vision and even distortions. But if you are being sent for an fluorescein angiogram it is very likely that wet AMD is suspected. The fluorescein will show any bleeding or leakage of fluid in or around the macula and also to check for adequate blood supply to the retina.

Good luck, Kath. Let us know how you are getting on.


Dear Kath70,

I am sorry to read of your concerns.

Please ring us on the Macular Society helpline for further discussion. It would be much easier to discuss this with you directly.

Our helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Kind regards,


Hello Kath.

I am not able to give a medical answer but I have MD dry in my right eye and wet in left.

The grid is distorted in only in my left eye

I hope this helps but it is only my own personal experience

I wish you well


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Keep ringing the hospital asking for a cancellation, it feels a bit of a hassle but often works.


I understand that only reading glasses should be used when looking at the grid, I'm a long time varifocal user, however it was recommended that I only use reading glasses to look at the grid and bought a pair for this reason.

The helpline will be able to clarify this.


Thanks for all your comments everyone and the lovely chap at the MS call centre I spoke to today - I'm feeling a bit better if still a little impatient...


Kath, it is worrying but we are lucky now that there are injections to help with this so try to remain optimistic!! I had my first injection recently for the macular oedema caused by a different condition and it is already improving my sight- same injections are used for wet MD

Let us know how you get on


I have dry MD in one eye. The lines on the grid are 'wobbly' in that eye. It's as if someone with the 'shakes' has drawn them! I have private health insurance and go every 6 months for full tests at the hospital to monitor it. This disease runs in my family unfortunately. Eat salmon and kale twice a week and keep your cholesterol level low; all this should help slow down the process. You can buy Macushield vitamin tablets too available at Boots and elsewhere. These vitamins are targetted for AMD. None of these tips are full proof, but it's amazing how good you feel to know you are doing everything possible to help your eyes.


in the other, first injection on Tuesday ,so will see how it goes. good luck everyone.


re above, Have DM in one eye and WDM


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