Pain free condition?

Pain free condition

Why does everyone say that AMD is painless? The reason I went to the Doctor was not because my eyesight was bad, but because my eye hurt all the time. I have been diagnosed with dry macular degeneration since, and my vision is getting worse, but the discomfort is a constant from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. I am using some eyedrops for dry eyes, which do not seem to do very much. I have also started taking supplements of lutein and zeaxanthin in an effort to save my other eye, which is mildly affected but as yet the vision is not distorted.

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  • Dear ursaw,

    I am sorry to read that you have been experiencing pain in the eye. Pain is not related to the macular condition. In the first instance it would be worth seeing your optometrist, as an important part of their role is the health of the eye. If they have any concerns, in addition to your dry eyes, then they are able to refer you on.

    Dry AMD is related to the ageing process and is more common in individuals over the age of 55 years. The deterioration is generally relatively slow and usually over a period of months and years. However, how fast and how far the condition deteriorates is variable between individuals. There is currently no treatment for it, however, we talk about the importance of various lifestyle considerations which can hopefully have a positive impact on eye health and possibly potentially slow down the deterioration a little.

    10-15% of people with the dry type go on to develop wet AMD in the same eye. Therefore it is important that if an individual does notice any sudden eye changes, that they act rapidly and go to the optometrist so that they can check behind their eyes. Alternately, they can attend the emergency eye clinic usually located within the hospital. If the optometrist identifies possible wet, then the Royal College of Ophthalmology guidelines indicate that they must do a fast track referral on the day of the appointment, via fax or email, straight through to the eye clinic, so that the individual can be seen and treated within 2 weeks. This therefore indicates the urgency of the situation.

    I hope that this addresses your query.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further help. Our helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

    Kind regards,

    Macular Society Helpline

  • Hi ursaw

    Yes, AMD is supposed to be a painless condition, but there are a number of underlying or related eye conditions. If drusen appear near the optic nerve or fluid builds up in the eye it may excert pressure on the optic nerve and you will feel pain, as for instance in gloucoma. You really need to ask your GP to refer you to an opthamologist if this has not already happened.

    Thake care. Best wishes.

  • I'm taking lagad lacrima supplement and it's helping with dry eyes. Have u see about your dry eyes. Taking supplements do help. Have you got blepharitis ? That's another's never ending isn't it. ❤️ But I have wet mac and dry mac but no pain that's not right check it out xx

  • Thank you for your kind and helpful replies. It is good to know that there is help and conversation available especially as there is as yet no cure.

  • Hi ursaw, I now use Hylotear drops which are thicker than the ones I had before and I find they work well. The pain of dry eyes wasn't something I experienced before my problem and it still surprises me how much it can hurt!

    One thing my Dr told me was if your eyes tear up it means they are dry so put more drops in.

    Best of luck x

  • Thanks for that. I thought as my eyes always started running in windy and cold conditions they were anything but dry. Now I know, and shall use the drops maybe more frequently and if that doesn't work, try Hylotear.

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