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This is my first post but i have been following others for some time. I am 51 years old and was severely myopic (-15) before having Lasik about 18 years ago. My vision gradually got worse until I became about minus 6. I noticed a yellow blob in my right eye vision earlier in the year which developed into a blind spot to the left of my central vision. Also wavy lines in both eyes. After one optician told me there was nothing to worry about a second optician referred me to the eye hospital where I was brutally told I had myopic MD and as it was dry it couldn't be treated and I would be monitored. After paying to be seen privately I was reassured that even though I had a blind spot there was no reason to suspect it would get worse and my corrected sight was pretty good. I had a follow up appointment on the NHS 3 months later (3 weeks ago) and the blind spot was the same. However in the last couple of days I have noticed the yellowness has returned around the area of the blind spot and the vision in this area is not clear. This is now affecting the central vision in that eye. I am so scared i will go completely blind in that eye but even more scared that if it can happen in one eye it could happen in the other. I will phone the eye clinic tomorrow (closed by the time I could call today)

Sorry for rambling but has anyone else had a myopic blind spot and did it get any worse? I have felt so bad all day. I haven't been able toconcentrate at work or eat and keep closingng my good eye to see how my vision is.

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  • Hello, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. But, yes. I had issues like this when I was first diagnosed with wet myopic macular degeneration (cnv). Make an appointment with a retinal specialist as soon as possible. From my experience, the sooner I get an injection if I need it, the better the eye responds. Good luck!!!

  • Thanks for your reply Blessedeyes0511. Did you ever get the yellowish blob in your vision? None of the opticians nor the eye doctor seemed to know what I was talking about.

    I am wondering if I am now developing cnv. I'll contact the eye clinic first thing.

  • Yes I did. But it has meant different things. A couple of times it has been associated with a bleed and another physician said it was due to macular atrophy. Please call them and have close follow up.

  • Hi, sending you a hug, you've had a scary day x

    I don't know about your condition but the macular society info says drymd can turn into wetmd (which acts quicker but is treatable). Any noticeable change in your vision must be checked out quickly. If you are worried and can't see your clinic in a day or so go to a&e they will have an on call eye Dr.

    Wishing you all the best going forward.

  • Hello cwc123,

    I am so sorry to learn about your myopic macular degeneration (MD).

    If you have noticed a sudden deterioration in your sight, it could be that your dry myopic MD has changed to the wet type.

    You are right to get in touch with the hospital who will probably ask you to go and have some more tests as wet myopic MD can be treated if caught early enough.

    Please see our booklet on treatments at the following link;

    The Macular Society also has a factsheet about myopic MD. You can obtain a copy by emailing us on or calling our helpline, 0300 30 30 111 in the New Year.

    Our helpline will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January.

    You may also find it helpful to become a society member. Please see the following link for 6 months free membership;

    Best Wishes


    Macular Society

  • I have just come back from an emergency appointment at the hospital. They were extremely efficient and thorough. I was seen by one Dr who noticed that the depression showing on my scan 3 weeks ago was now showing as a bulge. She referred me to the retinal specialist who said it looked like a small blood vessel had popped up but that it looked stable. I now have a follow up appointment with my consultant in 3 weeks and I may need injections. He also said that the one third of patients with high myopia get these symptoms in the other eye as well though at the moment it looks healthy. On the plus side he said it was unlikely to get it in the same place in both eyes. I am a little relieved but I think it will be a long time before I stop worrying about the future if ever. No one ever tells you about the complications of high myopia.

    Thank you for your replies. It's nice knowing there is someone out there who understands.

  • Follow up. I had a scheduled appointment for 3 weeks after the emergency appointment. However 1 week later my vision deteriorated further and I went back for another emergency appointment. I was told I had myopic cnv and would need an injection. I had my first one yesterday. I wasn't scared to have the injection but I am scared with the rapid deterioration in my vision. I can now only read the last letter on each line of the chart. The rest is a grey blob. I am hoping I regain some vision and also that it doesn't happen in my other eye. I have been told I have a 30% chance of this happening.

    Has anyone else regained some vision after Lucentis. How long did it take?

  • Hi cwc, I did but only for a limited time then I would need more inj. It was a rollercoaster. Eventually after 2 years they have moved me onto eyelea which so far (only 1inj of the first 3) has completely gotten rid of my big grey blob within 48hrs (I couldn't even see the chart never mind lines on it).

    Of course I still have the small spot of permanent damage but other eye masks the impact of that .

    Fingers crossed for you x

  • Thanks for your reply eyesright. There is hope that I may regain some vision then. Is your condition age related? I have been told I have myopic CNV but my doc is not sure of the cause. He thinks it may be a condition called PIC or Punctate Inner Choroidopathy. I am 51 and have been myopic most of my life.

  • Hi, my brvo not directly age related - I basically had a stroke in my eye (better than heart or brain though!). Although risk factors increase with age I guess (bp and cholesterol etc). Thankfully I have avoided diabetes.

    It has been a revelation to me how wide the range of eye problems is!

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