Better than winning the lottery

I am writing this post because I want to let those with wet amd know there is hope for their eyesight. Only one year ago I joined this group feeling scared and thinking I would be blind in the near future. After 8 eyelea injections in one eye and 6 in the other I have improved from the visual acuity of 6/24 and 6/18 to 6/6 in both eyes which are now dry. I stopped smoking and take preservision supplement every day. I don't know if that was a help or not, but I suspect it was a contributory factor. I changed my diet too, I was so frightened, I wanted to do everything possible like everyone else. I do still have the wavy lines, they won't go as that is due to drusden and my focus is like all 70 year olds, not so sharp, but base line I am so so grateful for having the treatment which will carry on for another year as research has shown that the results last longer when they are continued over a 2 year period. So to all who read this, and are worried, if you are having treatment, there is improvement on the horizon. Do not give up

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  • Hi Crazyquilter,

    That is brilliant news and a testimony to the drugs, your eye care team and yourself for the lifestyle changes you have made.

    A great good news story!

    Good luck for the future


    Macular Society

  • thanks

  • Thanks for this encouragement....I had my first injection a couple of days ago for wet AMD in one eye so I'm pleased to learn of your success......

  • It is wonderful to hear such good news; I'm sure you've given real hope to many many people and I admire your positive stance. Keep well.

  • I was very apprehensive of the eye injections and still am, but they are such a small price to pay for the results they have. I am sure I am not alone and there are thousands of people who have had the same result as me. We just don't hear about it. To think we get this treatment free on the NHS. How fantastic is that? I wish you all great success and thank the inventors of these drugs for improving the quality of so many peoples lives. They couldn't possibly know how grateful I for one am.

  • Sadly I can't get this treatment on the NHS. I just don't understand why but I think my sight is too good.

  • Well, let's join forces and fight the NICE guidelines.

  • This time last year i was a terrified wreck. I was convinced i would lose my sight, that i would have to give up my Volunteering in a Charity shop which had been a lifesaver after 2 hip replacements. Having been there for over 20 years the thought was scary.

    When i was given the first Lucentis injection i was really scared but the Consultant & his Team were then & still are wonderful. Very helpful & caring.

    The injections have worked wonderfully & i can see to read & carry on Volunteering. I have been 'dry' for 3 months but the symptoms seem to be creeping back so will see what is found in 2 weeks time.

    I cannot thank the Consultant & his Team & all at Macular Society who have been very supportive & helpful all this time.

    So the light at the end of the tunnel is not always a train, just the injections working.

    Good luck to all with dry & wet amd & thanks to those helping us.

  • Ditto CrazyQuilter - same here. Just 4 injections at 68 years led to being discharged cured of wet AMD . Quite, I agree better than winning the pools !

  • I am so pleased to see this post as I was diagnosed last week and have been going out of my mind with worry. At 40, I really do not want to lose my sight. Not something I would have thought I had to worry about.

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