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Urgency of treatment???


When I was told by my optometrist that I need to see an Opthomologist, I told her that I was going away overseas ( to the UK) in 3 weeks time for a 6 week holiday. She said that she would seek to make an "urgent" referral to a local specialist - and when I got home I got a call to say to come to the specialist office today if I could . It was thyere that they then said that I needed to have injections and organised for the first to be done next week. So it has all happened very quickly and I am wondering about the urgency of it all. Right now my eyesight is quite OK - except for some "blurriness' of my right eye which I guess i have noticed for a few months now. I fell like I would like to defer this treatment for a couple of months until we get back home from holiday but don't know the "seriousness" of my situation. What to do????

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Hi Bazza, when I first noticed a "blurriness" in my right eye I went to Specsavers the NEXT day and had my first injection a week later, so yes, URGENT is the word..its one of those situations where the faster you act, the better the outcome!

It is good that they are starting treatment quickly- your problem may be that you can go on holiday two weeks after your injection but you may well need an injection 4 weeks later so I would plan for that possibility ( often injections are 4 weekly to star with and that is important)

Please have the injection ASAP. You should be fine to travel.

You don't say what condition you have but the inj are to stabilise the eye condition and prevent more damage. You don't want to be risking more damage that might end up permanent. Definitely have the inj and make sure your next one is booked for as soon as you get back. There is usually a loading dose of 3 each spaced a month apart but I think you can stretch it a bit - ask your eye Dr. If they say you can't speak to your holiday insurance asap . It ought to be possible to have an inj in UK privately and recover cost (about £1K) from your insurer ( given your eye condition was undiagnosed when you took out the insurance so should be covered) it will need to be arranged though.

Hi again Bazza,

The other posters are right in saying that you must start your treatment as soon as possible.

Please see our information sheet 'the essential care guide for wet AMD' at the following link;


Also see our treatments booklet;


Please call the Macular Society helpline if you would like a further chat (0300 30 30 111 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Best wishes

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Absolutely essential to get the injections without any delay. Mine were delayed due to an incompetent hospital. When I was referred to one which understood the issue I had my first shot within 3 days.

The sooner you get them the better chance you have of retaining the best vision.

My hospital delayed injections and I now have no central vision in my left eye. permanent.

Agree with all of the above - my first injection delayed by eye hospital for 8 weeks as central vision problems thought to be due to dry AMD and laser treatment for a retinal tear; turns out I had myopic CNV and irreversible scarring occurred before injections started. After 7 injections, it was decided that no further treatment would improve my central vision so...get treatment as early as possible!

Good luck and best wishes

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