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Lupus and hormones

I am at that (peri-menpausal) age where my periods are playing up. As they were erratic and heavy I had a Mirena coil inserted but bled for 10weeks after so have had it removed. They used the Mirena as the progesterone was direct into the uterus.

Has anyone else had problems, I think systemic progesterone is contra-indicated but am not sure. I do not have Hughes/ clotting issues.

Hysterectomy seems drastic and they are not keen on anaesthetising me anyway.

I could just put up and shut up but my Hb is 10 and my ferratin 3! I cannot tolerate oral iron supplements and there is only so much liver a girl can eat :)

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Hi DaleDiva

I too suffered from heavy prolonged bleeding in my early 30's (but I don't have Hughes and I'm not peri-menopausal). I was once hospitalised and had blood transfusions and when discharged, I continued to bleed again. They ended up trying the same Mirena coil but I too suffered from further bleeding and pain, so after 6 weeks they removed it.

What shifted things for me is I saw an acupuncturist who gave me a particular chinese pill (used in wartime to stop fatal bleed-outs) and that stopped the bleeding for me. Weird stuff! I continue to see this acupuncturist today.

I also went to an english herbalist and found these herbs really helpful in regulating my periods. They used to be 7-8 days long with heavy bleeding for the first 5 days. I've been taking these herbs for years now and my periods are now always regular, and I bleed just for 4-5 days, with much less heavy flow for the first 2-3.

I still suffer from anemia (blood count is frequently between 8-10) but I'm not sure my periods can be blamed entirely for it any more, I eat a healthy balanced diet with lots of iron rich foods. I take those 'Spatone' iron water supplements that you can get from any Boots chemist in the UK. They are the only ones I can tolerate - but not all the time.

I agree, a hysterectomy does seem rather drastic, perhaps you could give an alternative a go to see if this helps first? It might be worth a try.

I hope you find something that works for you.


Sorry to hear you are having a rough time Dalediva! Hysterectomy does sound drastic but if it is your best/only other option then I would consider it! You certainly cannot continue the way you are ... you have a life to lead too :) !

I am due to have the Mirena coil fitted next week and am feeling very uncertain about it as most people seem to have problems with it - mine is mainly for contraception at this stage but I have also been suffering heavy & painful periods! I hope it works for me!

Best of luck to you :) keep smiling xXx


Hi DaleDiva

I have hughes (sticky blood) i have the same coil in had 3 now i struggled for about 8 weeks but then was fine mine last around 4 years, i am about to have a new one in my GP said once i am over 45 i can have one in for life just hope it will be as good but i have to wait another 2 years , i was very heavy with bleeding, i was told i could not have hysterectomy due to my illness but i have lupus , chronic obstructive airways , migraines, and hughes, nightmare i take over 26 tablets a day and avery high dose of warfarin 50mg and still get clotts i have had to have a portacath in to get blood from me twice a week but thats now blocked and waiting for a new one within the next 6 weeks, we have so much to put up with but dont give up keep fighting.I have had 18 clotts in legs and 4 in lungs, it drives me mad but i do have fantastic GP support

Take care x


Recent findings that DHEA over the counter hormon

Helps when hormon levels. Only been on it a week . Articles in moffit and John Hopkins website have great articles . Hope thus helps




I had terrible periods I was on more than off and lots of pain..... Tried everything so had part hysto done womb taken out and done the trick, best thing I ever did I was 39...

Got lupus, hughes, sjogrens then, but got lots more now ...... lol


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