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Anyone on dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)?

Hi everyone found this quote on the American Mayo clinic website, quoted as an alternative medication. Has anyone heard of it or being treated with it?

"Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Supplements containing this hormone have been shown to reduce the dose of steroids needed to stabilize symptoms in some people who have lupus."

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Yes- I am in it it's a hormone .i am also in the US. ( matter fact I'm out ) :)

Only for a month , however dr says takes a few months to get your system. Not sure about there but here it's purchased over the counter. Not very expensive either.

David Tampa Florida

( a sight for everyone , just men get forgotten when it comes to lupus

Stop in and say hello / and for a spot of tea :) lol

My daughters boyfriend is from England, that makes him laugh

Because laughter is the best medicine !


Thanks david can you let me know if you think it has helped?


Hiya, I'm in the UK, have a lupus-like condition, read about DHEA, did my research and presented it to my immunologist. Bloods he took said 0.1, with a reference range 0.5 – 12!! He took my research, did his own, and found a colleague of his in Cambridge had done a meta analysis, which completely supported taking it for lupus and those on steroids to mitigate their destructive side effects. The clincher for me was finding out from a Jonathan V Wright book that lack of under arm hair / reduced pubic hair signals lack of DHEA....I had pretty much none left at all! I've been on DHEA cream since October 2015, level is climbing slowly, and lots of things from skin to libido are better! NB: it's vital to use transdermal cream, NOT tablets. Tablets suffer from 'first pass' – ie go to your liver, which tries to get rid of the hormone and can create undesirable metabolites. Cream goes straight to the bloodstream, and "copies nature ". It's available online in the UK and the USA, in pump dispenser form, 15 mg a day. Put it on a different part of your body every day, for 25 days, then 5 days off, repeat! I saw Dr Wright in Seattle in July, he was concerned about metabolites but when tested I was fine. So it's important you get tested if you're going to do this long term. Not cheap, but I reckon health is the most important thing to spend your money on! And as a plus, btw, DHEA's known as the anti-aging hormone for very good reason!

Hope this helps,

BW, Nicky


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