Cortisol hormone and DHEA treatment for lupus

Hi. I've been searching on the internet and read book about autoimmune disease. Some of the sources said that this cortisol hormone and DHEA usually relates to lupus. Is there any of you who got DHEA or cortisol treatment for lupus? And I wonder does it help? I read in book that some people said dhea treatment works for their lupus.

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  • I'd like to know about this too. Plus the thing about Hookworms.

  • Hi thanks for replying. What is hookworms? Never heard of it before.

  • They did trials giving people with autoimmune conditions hookworms. It's related to the hygiene hypothesis. Not that I'm suggesting that anyone goes and buys hookworms online etc etc

  • I expect you know this, but my understanding is that DHEA is not approved for the treatment of SLE, but it may be prescribed off-licence. A Cochrane review in 2008 said:

    * DHEA probably leads to little or no difference in disease activity in people with mild to moderate disease, but probably slightly improves overall well‐being. These results are based on moderate quality evidence. It may improve disease activity in people with severe or active lupus, but this result is based on low quality evidence so there is not enough evidence to be certain.

    * Possible side effects may include acne, excessive hair growth, and menstrual changes. It is not known whether DHEA causes long term side effects such as heart problems or cancer.

    I haven't found any more recent reviews, but I think current opinion is similar to the above. It shouldn't be prescribed in men, though (it's a male hormone and who wants more of them about? ;) )

    Prednisilone is a close analogue of cortisol, so in effect, if you are taking prednisilone, you are taking cortisol. Prednisone is also a close relative of cortisol - it gets converted to prednisilone in the liver. So in effect, everyone on prednisilone or prednisone is on a cortisol treatment.

    That's my understanding, but you may have something more specific or sophisticated in mind?

  • Really? Very interesting. I think I have too much cortisol. I take an herb to help maintain normal cortisol levels, adrenals and normalize sugar levels. Not a cure! Not even sure it works, but thats what it is used for.

    I use to have a small hump on the back of my neck between my shoulders. Related to Cushings Disease, though I have not been diagnosed with. Cushings is an overproduction of cortisol.

    I Joined a program to heal my gut and liver and my thyroid and the hump is gone. Taking toxins out of my home, cleaning products, shampoos, bone broth every day. Its been about 8 months. Hump is staying away.

    This is all from my own experience. There is still a genetic mutation I believe. I still have connective tissue pain I have not been able to resolve.

  • Is that program anti inflammatory diet that you told in my post? Im trying to do that but Im still not discipline, also its not easy to prepare food like that when I have to work too.

  • Yes....very difficult to do. It wore me down. I did the 90 days, but still had my dark chocolate. It was very diffiuclt to get to work and make breakfast and lunch for work. Do the best you can. Try to knock out dairy, gluten and pork and go forward. I still like my pretzels, but only occasionally.

    We are fighting genetics and the environment. Not an easy solution. Stem cell research may catch up someday and help us.

    Take care.

  • Thanks for the reply. Very clear explanation. I'm just curious about that treatment. I read that DHEA treatment can improve body hair. Several years ago when I got diagnosed for the first time, I had drug that makes my body hair grow in unusual place. I wonder if it contains dhea because at that time I feel better. But I couldnt remember the name and that doctor is different than my doctor now. I am wondering if that contains dhea.

  • Whisperit found good info on DHEA - that is my understanding also. It has been prescribed here in the states by holistic practitioners for" natural hormone" use. I have seen it cause elevated liver enzymes (stress on the liver) - and remember many of our lupus meds have that potential. It also can cause elevated cholesterol levels. In my opinion it should not be taken without medical follow up. Also right about the prednisone/ cortisol connection. In fact, the trick is to get your adrenals functioning again after being on high or long term prednisone- reason for slow tapers. There are lab tests for adrenal function. It's great if people can find herbal compounds that help with their lupus symptoms, just be aware that there are potential side effects or incompatibility with prescribed meds possible.

  • I got my DHEA and cortisol checked. My cortisol is at normal rate, but my DHEA is low (36), the normal rate is 65-90. I hope this explains my hairloss and headache lately. Also I read that people with low DHEA is lack of body hair, and I am lack of body hair too. I wonder if people who has lupus also lack of body hair or it is just me..

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