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lupus and adrenal fatigue??

Hi all,been doing some more research and am so interseted to read about adrenal fatigue,for me i reckon im absolutley in stage two of adrenal fatigue ,even my hormones idicate a low out put of cortisone,however i wander if its lupus causing adrenal fatigue or did the adrenal fatigue spark the lupus???who knows ,however theres a def adrenal issue ,does anyone have adrenal issues or know of adrenal gland probs?take care all ,brave;)

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Do you know if this can be caused by steroids?


The only association between lupus and adrenal insufficiency that i've heard of is correlated with antiphospholipid syndrome. In which case it's lupus that causes adrenal pathology and lowered cortisone levels.

And then of course there is drug induced adrenal fatigue...


Hi I am adrenal compromised as per my docs. This is due to incredibly long term steroid use. I continue to take a small does of steroids to help my limping adrenals. The lupus itself is under management. xx


Ask your GP to refer you to an endrocologist who specialises in hormones. I'm suffering from adrenal probs coz I tried to taper my steroids down to quickly. Also, on top of this, I'd had immensely high stress levels for a prolonged period. My adrenals started packing up. I'm seeing specialist now, who changed me from predisolne to hydrocortisone tablets. Good luck x


Hi could you please explain what adrenal fatigue is brave and what are the symptoms?

I know the adrenal glands sit above the kidneys and produce steroids ( i think thats right) but does it involve the kidneys as well? I had Lupus Nephritis many years ago and wondered if it was all linked x



I came across two articles that had a lot of information about steroid use, including dose equivalents and potential for adrenal suppression.

One of the sources (Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient, 6th Edition Chapter 105, Glucocorticoid Therapy) can be found at

The other source (Chapter 14-Glucocorticoid Therapy and Adrenal Suppression, Authors: Aikaterini N. Pavlake, Maria Alexandra Magiakou, George Pl Chrousos, University of Athens Medical School, Athens, Greece) I could not successfully copy the web address for. You would have to provide the title with the authors' names in order to search for this on the web.

Both of these sources are intended for physicians and so some of the terminology is highly technical. However, I like to eavesdrop on the dialogue that goes on between medical professionals because I want to be involved in decisions that affect my medical care and my health.

Hope you find these sources as enlightening as I did. Good luck!



I was diagnosed with Addisons (adrenal failure) back in 2006 which has been put down to damage caused by a Hughes clot. I have been on replacement Hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone ever since but I have to say I've not felt right ever since, I am still so exhausted after only a few hours and with my Lupus/Hughes/Addisons mix it's hard for me or medics to know which is causing what.......

Definitely ask for referal to Endocrine specialists, I see a specialist consultant for this and he does try his best to take everything inot account even though I'm something of a 'novelty'!

All The Best


welshexil,thankyou for info and adrenals.......i def have adrenal issues and have got as far as ,finding which hormones are running low etc,DHEA,was very low.=,and suggest replacement therapy was recomended ,however have since moved back to uk and doctors are very non interested in this ,however im keen to push for and endocrinologist,for me if i take complete holistic care i get improvements ,but human nature will push the boundries and i end up back to square one ,for me i feel like im in and out of lupus flare and adrenal crashes,im not sure if or how the medics would treat me?but for now im trying holistic approaches in the hope they will recover?thankyou ,brave


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