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Warm Easter wishes to you all :)

I am sitting here reading through blogs and remembering how it felt when I found this site, the relief was immense! I spent many years coping with the Lupie lifestyle on my own, which was no fun at all, and just knowing that there were others out there in very similar situations really did make me feel a million times better (not to mention that I finally accepted that I was NOT a hypochondriac lol!!).

I just wanted to say a great big thanks to my new Lupie friends, your support and advice has been invaluable to me.

Wishing you all a restful and peaceful Easter :) xx

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happy easter silvermyst,

i too am so grateful i found this site,i have read alot of questions and blogs and they sometimes mirror my health,i have discovered alot of helpful tips and info on how to cope living with lupus. it really has been a lifeline for me.

have a great easter! x


Thank you and a Happy Easter to you and fellow lupies too. In this day and age people are too quick to point out the perils of the computer age.........well on this occasion I say thank goodness for the ability to be able to talk to others who can fully empathise with living with lupus without which we would probably feel very isolated. I don't know how you managed for eight years on your own Sam and glad now that you have support xx


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