horrible feet !!!!

On friday , during an examination i felt really embarrased , looking at the state of my feet ! Anyway, i was browsing the net , when it occured to me , would i be able to get a podiatrist on the nhs to help maintain good foot health????? I'm sorry to say , i have so much hard skin on my feet ! Icannot afford private and find it so hard to remove the hard skin and keep my feet looking and feeling nice ! I have fibro, sjogrens, and Mctd .

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  • Hi Larrisa I dont know if you could get a chiropadist on the nhs, but I would say if you could just afford a couple of treatments with a private one you will reap the benifits my feet were in a dreadful state my toenails are so thick and would lift up hard skin corns you name it, eventually I decided I must spend a bit of money and get them seen to Gillian the lady I see is a chiropadist and podiatrist she has even made me some toe props to wear which prevent me getting corns on the bottom of my toes due to the way I walk I was always getting them and was in so much pain hope this helps, .ps if you decide on private look at your telephone directoryand dont be afraid to ask what they charge, Jenny3

  • Hi, I have simillar problem with hard skin on my feet,I told my gp who has referred me to the podiatry clinic, I would advise you to get a referral through your gp. Hope this helps x

  • why does hard skin happen? my shoes are not tight and i dont wear high heels as i have fallen arches and have shoe inserts to correct my posture etc. i have to keep an eye on my hard skin areas on my feet as they return quite quickly?

    my gp wouldnt help me as ive had alot of probs with thick callus' that split open over the last 7years, i finally got on top of mine by using 2 of those DIY freeze treatments ment for veruccas x

  • i keep trying to understand this too. have done quite a bit of reading.

    have you & your doctors looked at you re: sicca syndrome, and/or sjogrens, and/or scleroderma?

    my impression is that these are possibly especially involved in the hard skin predisposition

  • sclero is a bugger 4 hard skin but bear in mind, much of the time, we pick up little 'traits' & 'ti-bits' from other AI conditions without actually having them. Lupus is very thoughtful like that ;)

  • u can b referred 2 a podiatrist on the NHS so definitely I'd ask u're rheumy about a chiropadist

  • I start by trying to soften the skin with creams and then work on callouses.

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