My boyfriend recently bought me a pair of these because i was having a lot of problems with my feet caused by lupus, i have been wearing them for the last few months and they really have made a big difference. I usually get painful swellings on the soles of my feet, have bad circulation and get chilblains in the winter, since using these i have seen a massive improvement and have a lot less pain in my feet now. They are also meant to help with fatigue. Thought i would share it with everyone as i know others willl have problems with their feet and these really help me.


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  • I have Mortons Neuroma and have insoles via Podiatry Service and they are a God send.

    I did look at Happy Feet,you must be a very special girl to have theses as they are so costly.

    Love & Sunshine


  • I agree with Jan, they look fantastic, but very very expensive.

  • thanks for the link you can spend alot of money and find things dont live up to their hype so its nice to get suggestions.


  • I also use these! I hardly ever get swollen ankles anymore, well worth the money - nothing like anything I've tried before. They're great for flights too and website says clinically proven to prevent DVT!

    I'm on my feet a lot and these are so, so comfortable! I think they have a facebook page, I'll try to find it


  • They have a facebook page!


  • I also have these insoles! I bought them at Trafford Centre Event City at a motor show, I was literally crying in pain and they were expensive but so worth it.

    Cheap insoles just curl up and die and the memory foam ones last about 5 minutes - but these are just part of my shoe or part of my foot or something - and it feels like they shock absorb. They have dramatically improved my working day and the best £30 I have spent in a long time, you get what you pay for I guess.

    I'm a big fan and I just ordered another pair of the website for my nan!

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