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Weird sensations

I feel a bit silly asking this I've not mentioned it to my rhematologist for the same reason.

I use one of those personal cd players with relaxing cds when I'm going to sleep and I often wake with a feeling of pins and needles in my head and arms sometimes the sensation is all over my body. I don't know if is caused by the cdd player or if it's something to do with the lupus or I often wonder if it 's a combination of the cd player, lupus or a side effect of the neurontin I take for nerve pain.

Dose anyone else experience anything like this.

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I just had that few days ago, lasted about 2 days. I don't use a CD player, nor neurotonin, I think it is the lupus. But mine continued throughout the day too, not only night. Just like pinpricks, weird.


Purpletop did you say it to your rheumy I'm glad you answered because I felt a bit bit silly asking the question I don't feel so silly now thanks,


I get this a lot in my face mostly left side,got it now.I also get sensations in arms and sometimes legs but more like when pins and needles wear off sensation x


Hi copdber

I get numbness & pins & needles sensations that come & go. It's particularly in my face & hands, but can be anywhere. It's often worse when I wake up in the mornings if I'm in a flare.

I've had scans, but nothing showed up, so it was put down to fibromyalgia by my rheumy. But there have been lots of posts on here previously, so it seems to be pretty common among lupies. If you do a search for 'pins & needles' you can read lots of other peoples experiences of this.

I hope this helps. X


I did mentioned it to the rheumatologist and he put me on a short course of steroids but it went away after 2 days, so I'm not sure whether the steroids stopped it or it has just stopped on its own accord.


I'm amazed at this I really did think I was on my own with this one. I'm sorry that so many are having this symptom. I am glad that I asked the question I don't feel so silly your answers have given me the confidence to ask my gp about this if I still experiencing this sensation with I next see my rheumy I'll ask him about it. The great thing about getting this support for you guys is that if my rheumy shrugs it off I wont let him I'll have the confidence to say that it's not my imagination it's real.

Thank's I hope you all have a good pain free week.


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