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I am new here after finally getting a diagnosis yesterday. Fourteen years of getting ignored / dismissed by doctors and a few misdiagnoses later, and yesterday was finally told that I am "a bit loopy" - I have individual, verifiable symptoms yet it doesn't show in my blood. I am now on hydroxycholoquine, meloxicam, cimetidine, amitriptyline, dapsone and propranalol as well as iron supplements. I truly rattle.

Today, I feel so relieved. I have a weight lifted off of my shoulders because someone has finally said that what I am feeling is not in my head and was able to put all the symptoms together to draw a conclusion. Finally.

I now off to trawl the site, looking for some answers! ;)


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Hello & welcome chrissyjii

I remember so well the emotions I felt when finally diagnosed, after years of being fobbed off. Now a new journey starts for you. There is so much info to take in, & so much to learn about how your body reacts to meds etc.

I hope you have a Lupus UK support group near you. I have found this to be the biggest & best source of help for me. There is nothing like making lupie friends who understand exactly what you are going through, many of whom have a wealth of experience & knowledge under their belts.

Very best wishes. X


Hi and welcome to the site Chrissy, It's a mixed bag isn;t it - we are pleased to be diagnosed but it's such a long wait you have had:( I hope now you are able to get all the support you need from here and Lupus UK too. I hope you get on well with the meds. Take care x


Hi Chrissy and welcome to the site. Hope you find the information contained here as useful as I have, not to mention the support of others in similar situations, which is invaluable :)

All the best and hoping you settle into your new life as a Lupie without too much stress and discomfort (seems you have already had all that to get to where you are now!!)

Take care x


Hi Chrissy, so pleased you finally have some answers!! I felt very much the same last year when I was dx after 14 years of not fitting in to any box!!! I am sorry you have this awful condition and everything that goes with it, but I know I was elated when I was finally dx. I hope that now you will get some appropriate treament and that it helps, sending you all my best wishes xx


welcome to lupus unlocked! I also was told for a long time that there was nothing wrong with me. Hope you get all the answers you need from this site.


Thanks, everyone. I have learned so much since joining this site yesterday! The main thing is that I know I am not alone and that when I am feeling tired and lethargic, I have a damn good reason to! Thankfully, I have a rather off-the-wall sense of humour which helps keep me going and my darling siblings have already divided my possessions between them! Charming.


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