Anyone in the Bracknell, ascot or surrounding areas interested in meeting up for coffee and a chat?

Hi I'm Jayne I've had lupus for about 18yrs I've got various health problems I've been on life support with heart attack,strokes, and kidney failure. I'm epileptic and most recently it has affected my eyesight resulting in a detached retina but never the less I still laugh all the time as I believe laughter the best medicine :-D I'm unable to work an would love to meet up with other lupus sufferer preferably in the day as I'm stuck at home all day on my own unable to drive :-/ x although I'm married and have a fantastic husband and family so I'm a lucky girl xxxx

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  • Hiya Jayne, I wished I lived near by! It wud b so nice to meet up for a coffee and chat! I'm a newby to the whole Lupus picture (since sep 2011) & although not as bad as u (sounds dreadful) I am struggling to find meds that will work for me & its impacted my young family in a huge way. Hubby now cares for me & our 3 small children - life is very difficult! But I too find laughter is the key. I really hope u find someone nearby! X

  • Hi Ellie x I hope you are feeling well today x I feel for you having young chidren and being ill my chidren were young when I got lupus so I know it's hard :-( but keep your chin up and keep up the laughter x lots of hugs jayne xxxx

  • Jayne ...i feel for you ,i too spend alot of time on my own wallowing in lupus,too bad were not near by,keep smiling;)))))

  • Hi brave x hope you are feeling well today x I'm sure your not wallowing its just sometimes the days probably seem so long I know they do for me :-/ keep your chin up and most of all keep laughing x lots of hugs xxxx

  • Hi Jayne,

    Just saw your post thought the lupus awareness evening my family and friends are organising will be opportunity for you. I will be there. Hopefully with some other lupus sufferers who have expressed an interest. We are aiming to raise awareness and funding for lupus UK. It is sat 6th April from 6.00 onwards. Let me know. Will be fab to meet you and hopefully for you to meet others in your area. Xxx

  • Hi lupienat I would love too come but I'm having my eye op on the 4th so prob won't be up to it so sorry would have loved too meet you :-/ please let me know when anything else is happening my email is hugs jayne xxxx

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