So long

Well hello again all. Haven't been on here for a few months. Just not felt up to it. Being feeling really down, stressed , depressed and in pain. I've just had a tuff time at work which has really pi@@ed me off. But had a good talking to by my partner who told me to pick myself up, stop moaning, and start living my life not hiding away. Well that told me !!!!! Hopefully be on here a lot more again now. Big hugs to all x


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  • Its good to hav someone who can motivate can be difficult too, its hard to make them understand...but i suppose the longer you can keep working the better it will be for you. I know that im grateful for my job on my day off i get very lazy, pains seem to come out of nowhere.....any way well done hav a lovely day....xxxx. Uzi...xxxx

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  • Hi Clairebear,

    Lifes a pig at times and we need people to help us see what we are doing to ourselfes and others and yes motivate us im lucky to live where I do with people who will say what do you need to do to help yourself and once Ive answered they come with ideas .

    Im so glad you are feeling better and more able to cope with life and have some of your sparkle back life is good.

    Well done enjoy your day Judithxx

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  • The trouble within lupies is we look so well most of the time even if we feel crap :-/ but like I said in my last post laughter is the best medicine :-D big hugs too all my fellow lupies who are not feeling well today x keep up the fight! Xxxx

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  • That made me smile...big hugs to you..

  • Hi clairebear,You can feel depressed ,i think your entitled to;)Its good you are able to work ,i wish i was in a posistion that i could work with lupus,but as i was a hairdresser and sports coach i can no longer do either so we are really struggling financially ,Just do what you can do at work ,and its nice to have somenone to motivate you ,however as long as their not pushing you to hard?or else you will end up in a flare.I feel the pressure of trying to be normal everyday and i think sometimes others dont realise that their good intentions are pushing us to far,its good you have some good freinds that you can be honest with ,if theres one thing im learning from lupus to be more honest with people ,its sooooo hard but i cant afford to waste my health on others anymore ,i have a family to consider ,you know on this site you can blog away when your down ,thats what its for ,take care ,brave;))))

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  • Nice to see you back Clairebear and sounds like you have your mojo back xx

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