Does anyone know if you still receive ESA (income based) while making an appeal?

I went to Citizens Advice and they printed me information saying you continue to receive the basic rate of ESA while making an appeal if on income based ESA. I had read otherwise which is why I am confused. I have waited almost a year now for my ATOS medical at the basic rate. I want to know where I stand realising so many have to appeal.

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  • Apologies for posting this link yet again - and no I don't work for them, lol - but you will find the info you need as well as how to successfully fight an appeal here:

    Good luck!

  • see this Lupus UK link for access to "benefits and work" publications for free if you are a member of Lupus UK-

    My Contribution based ESA was paid whilst I awaited appeal and I think same rules apply to income based ESA

  • Thank you for this. It is very helpful.

  • I'm on the "appeal rate" while waiting..

  • Thank you for confirming this. I have been concerned over-lack of income. Is this the same rate as the initial rate. That is what I have had for almost a year as still not been seen by ATOS. Good luck with your appeal.

  • Do they not send you the letters saying how much you're entitled to? It's lower than the initial rate - £59 a week. I'm not sure what they take into account while paying it though, maybe others are different? Thank you, good luck with yours too :)

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