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Lupus groups in South-East Wales

Is there anybody in South-East Wales that knows of a support group close by for sufferers of auto-immune diseases? If there is nobody that knows of one, I was wondering if you would be interested in setting one up ourselves. It can certainly be a great help for us all, to know that we are not alone, and I know that these diseases can really alienate those who have them. Therefore, I am using some initiative and have decided, that if there are none around the area, then I shall set one up myself. And not just for those who suffer from Lupus, but anybody with auto-immune disease. If there is anyone who thinks this is a good idea, I would really appreciate your support, and would like to ask them to get in touch.

Many Thanks

Karly Thomas

(Living in Newport, suffering with S.L.E, Discoid, C.N.S and Lupus anti-coagulent)


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