I have experienced that the skin on the inside of my lips sometimes peels off,,this never happened before taking Plaquenil..i also itch quite alot most days.I have a tablet called Fexofenadine Hydrochloride that i was prescribed for help in sun at summer time.Istill take this and find it does help although i still itch ?Also does anybody else find that Plaquenil really does nothing to help with pain!Thank you.Dawn.

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  • I took Hydroxychloroquine for two years and didn't have a problem with itching. I must say though that I have suffered terrible mouth ulcers and sores and also my teeth are in a terrible condition due to all medications and Lupus itself. If this is causing you too much trouble and you can't bear it any longer, speak to your G.P. or Rheumy. Take care x

  • Thank you,,i do get mouth ulcers too,,had them before i was diagnosed in August so i never really thought of them as nothing new to me,,my teth are ok i think.Thank you for your reply.x

  • Hi Dawn, I was on Hydroxcholoroquine for a while and found that it did nothing for me, like you it did cause alot of itching and imflammation of the skin. The drs took me off it saying that I was allergic to it. I do find that my skin inside my mouth like you peels and I suffer from mouth ulcers ... I think this is all part of Lupus. I think the best thing for you to do is to talk to your consultant about it. hope all goes well. xxx

  • Thank you June,,i'm certainly going to ask them,,i don't like the drug at all.

  • I do not have Lupus but Systemic Scleroderma and other auto immune conditions - My Rheumy is trying me on Hydroxych .. for extreme tiredness - he said that is takes down the inflammation in the joints and muscles caused by all .... However, I have also suffered with mouth ulcers etc and have Lichen Planus and Sjogrens syndome... But if you visit the dentist and apply good oral Hygiene (I dont know) but you may find that u wont get so many ulcers. I have not had any for a while now but I do get sore gums on the odd occasion....

  • Thank you for your reply,,,i take Hydroxy have done for last four months,,i have to say H YDROXY does nothing for my pain,Thank you .

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