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I don't know if anyone has raised this recently, but I read an article in the Mail that taking a combination of omega fish oil together with a small dosage of aspirin is proven to reduce inflamation. Is anyone trying this with success? If so, please can you tell me the make and dosage and times you take them please. I am sick of inflamation. My hands in particular have been swollen for 4 months. They used to swell every few weeks, but now its always there. My ankles are swollen too. It is depressing....

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  • I'm not keen on aspirin because it can cause stomach bleeding and with so many pills we take each day, I'd rather minimise the chances of bleeding as much as I can. But I am taking turmeric capsules for inflammation, twice a day.

  • Thanks purpletop, good point. Have you felt a difference with turmeric capsules?

  • Apparently one knows the difference once one stops taking them, because the effect is progressively achieved and I haven't stopped yet. I'm also trying to follow an antiinflammatory diet, for good measure. The latter had definitely made a difference.

  • purple top hi;)how would you say your anti inflamatory regime is going?where did you get your turmeric pills?great to hear about a more holistic aproach .brave

  • Hi, I am interested in trying this too. How much do you take as this does sound worth trying. I am also trying to eat more fruits and to reduce or better still avoid sugary/processed products as I'm guessing it will all help.

  • I thought turmeric was bed to take o believe i read somewhere that it was NPR a good idea to take i heard out make the boos Cells Crazy

  • Aspin I believe has a ante inflammatory properties in them!!

  • Please make sure you consult with your rheumatologist before taking aspirin or making changes to your diet. It may have an effect on your treatment.

  • I am prescribed both Aspirin and 4 grams of omega a day. I dont always take the aspirin because I often get minor nosebleeds.

    But Omega is known to be an anti-inflammatory in its own right. If I dont take it for more than a couple of days, my muscles become crampy and sore.

  • Hi does your GP prescribe the omega? What is the name & dosage please

  • I prefer anti-inflammatory foods and herbs rather than chemicals. I cook with olive oil and have olives on my salad every day - also use turmeric, ginger, oregano etc in cooking and on salad ..practically daily. I add herbs on top 'everything' - many herbs go well with desserts too. I have read that sugar is inflammatory, so cutting down (or out!) on sugar might help too. Be particularly careful with products that contain synthetic sugars like corn/glucose syrup (has many names). I have had to GO ORGANIC altogether and it does seem to help.

    There are many websites on google with lots of information about "anti-inflammatory foods and herbs."






    Good luck! xxx :)

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