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Lupus awareness posters


Please please please does anyone know where I can get some of the posters from oct/nov last year showing half a woman's face as normal and the other half in black n white covered in cobwebs.

This was such an effective visual display of lupus saying, yes, people with lupus may look fine but the reality is !!!!!!!!

I work full time at gatwick airport as a security officer and want to raise awareness of my fellow colleagues to this unbelievable disease.

I so hope that I can get my hands on at least one of these posters

Please can anyone help

sarahroly xxxx

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Not sure if its the one you want but check out images google. lupus posters


lupus uk at romford sent me mine , r u a member perhaps they helpx


Contact Lupus U/K and they will send you some.and leaflet if you so wish

Lupus U/K is the charity for people like us with Lupus.

To become a member is £10 and the best £10 you will spend you will be informed with what's happening and your local area group.

( they will send you what you want, member or not)

www.lupusuk or google Lupus uk and there will be a contact number>

Love & Sunshine



Hi Sarahroly,

I'd be more than happy to send you some. If you send me a private message or email with how many you'd like and your address I'll get them out to you right away.


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