Painfull hands and feet

My hands and feet are getting more painful and swollen and getting me down. The pain in my hands woke me again just because I was trying to pull the duvet back over me and made me shout. I am beginning to feel like I did a year ago before I started taking any medication. It may sound daft but it feels like my finger joints have all come loose with big spaces in them when I try to use them. MY ESR had not gone down at all over the last year even with the methotrexate. I think I am retaining fluid as my weight is going up almost daily and I feel really uncomfortable. I have a rheumatology appointment on the 19th of this month and it can not come quick enough for me.

Sorry for whinging again.

Sue x

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Hi Sue

I understand how misserable arthritic pain can be. I can recall being in a very similar situation until I was eventually diagnosed with rheaumatoid arthritis on top of Lupus. I was experiencing a lot of swelling and redness around all my joints and my fingers started to pop out of joint which was extreemly painful.

My rheaumatologist believes he could have prevented deformity occurring in my hands and feet he had hit on it sooner. I now have false knuckles in both hands. Of course, I'm not suggesting this is happening to you, but I would recommend you inform your rheamy of everything you are experiencing, no matter how trivial it seems and I can reassure you that things will get better. :-)

All the best



Hi Val

It certailnly does feel like the joints are popping out of place, that night it felt like all the bones had come apart but thought I must have been imagining it. Also somedays when I am walking it feels like all the bones in my feet are loose. I certainly will mention it at my appointment now.


Sue x


hi have same problem.....they say its not part off sle just rem arthritos. funny other sle have too. diclofenec helps little bit.


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