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germ bag :(

hello everyone,

ive always been lucky in the way that i only ever usually get a sore throat and loose my voice when my family catches our "winterly colds" but this time im feeling quite rough. i woke with sore throat and tickly cough and temp. by day three i had runny nose and throaty cough and since day five ive still no voice (my children liking that!lol) but ive such a tickly and very sore throat that i cough and cough until im sick (sorry).

done all my usual tricks of lemon and warm honey and cold meds,steamy baths etc but this stupid cough wont ease and my ribs and tum and throat are very sore now :(

hardly eaten anything as cant keep food down and also vomit comes out my nose so it scares me. its been 15 days now..........any ideas please?

thankyou, a very fed up grumpy crazy canine x

apologies for a trivial question,but with all i live with having lupus im struggling.

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I did respond to this yesterday but for some reason it doesn't seem to appear, so i will rewrite it.

There is a flu virus going around that causes the symptoms you mention. I had it for over 2 weeks and my throat was so raw because of the awful cough that I couldn't swallow, plus I was absolutely shattered all that time, no energy at all, it knocked me flat, despite having had the flu vaccine in the autumn. Then my husband caught it off me and he is still under it now in his 4th week. He works in London and apparently many of his colleagues and people on the train have it too, everyone looking like death with it.

So just take Lemsips regularly (they are paracetamol and decongestant if you have the All In One) and just wait it out, nothing you can do.


Hi, I am another one who was 'given' this nasty virus that is doing the way around. I went to the doctors (well I spoke to him and he made me go straight down) They were worried with my Lupus that it could turn to a more serious infection. I have been like it now going in to my 5th week. The Doc. said I had pulled muscles in my back with all the coughing and I would just have to 'ride it out' as there was nothing he could give me as I am allready on the Max. anti-inflamatory drugs for my Lupus. I will be phoning again today as he told me to. I am praying he can give me something - a knife to slit my throat at the moment !!!


That's interesting, I pulled a muscle in my back from coughing too, I'm still finding difficult to sleep with it, it is on my left side.


Hi, My doctor has just phoned me back (we have a system where you can phone and ask to speak to any doctor when there is not an appointment it is Great) anyway I have just been talking to him and he says that if it is no better in another week to go down, apparantly it is a nasty virus that in cases like ours that is lasting between 6 to 8 weeks. But if I were you I were you I would go to the doctors or phone for advice..xx


hello, i did phone doc surgery a while ago as after a nap ive woken very dizzy and neaseas. i can hear my heartbeat (whoshing sound) in my ears (no matter how i stand/sit etc) nurse was lovely and said that if im worse over weekend to go to a&e but if ok phone surgery monday morning and ask for urgent appt as my lupus could hamper recovery. she knew what lupus was!! :) she was concerned that i hadnt been before but i said i dont like to bother them as its a cold virus thingey. i made her laugh as my voice is gruff and i sound like a cockney geezer! lol.

thankyou hazel and purpletop for your answers x


Dear Caninecrazy

I know it's of no use to you whatsoever at the moment, but being on AZT myself I am very aware of the possibility of catching a cold and with two of my staff with young kids who catch anything at he drop of a hat and pass it on to Mum, as soon as they seem to have the beginning of a sniffle I reach for a nasal spray 'First Defence' made by Vicks. It's expensive £8+ for a small bottle but by goodness it's worth it . However, some 'normal' folks can't take it, it causes headaches. As it's purely herbal, I have checked with the gp who says no contraindications for all the drugs I'm on.

Insofar as your current problems are concerned, SEE YOUR GP ASAP don't wait till you feel worse, this could finish up with you with a serious chest infection and you in hospital (says she who refused 10 days ago to go into hospital). I got away with the chest infection with a massive dose of antibiotics and preds but am now paying the price as I had to come off the AZT and am in a minor flare.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, know just how you feel, but don't let it get to the point that you are so breathless that you can't talk, as I did!!



i am a little breathless but thats been happening before i caught this cold/virus, the last 3mths or so. i put it down to cold weather and my slow weight gain. as you prob same with regards to pain; my joints hurt and body aches so im reluctant to exercise more. im not lazy,i walk to work and walk my dogs each day but i know i fridge pick and they say "fridge pickers wear bigger knickers" i can talk although gruff voice! lol. i dont like going to docs as they dont know about lupus but now ive discovered a surgery nurse who does!!! yay!! after 7yrs of being told to wait to see my rhuemmy :)


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