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Today my rhumatologist put me on 10mg of Methotrexate as well as 5mg folic acid. She has also put me on 10mg endep for fibromyalgia. I was just wondering if there are many other people on Methotrexate? and whether there is anything i should watch out for side effects wise?

I am also on, 20mg prednisolone, 400mg plaquinol, 50mg diclofenac, 30mg citalopram and somac.

Thanks :)

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My son takes it for R. A. He has to have bloods done every month. If he happens to miss an appointment, his nurse will call him to remind him. My son was lucky and hasn't had any serious side effects. Good luck.

It is an amazing drug if it suits you. My son's life was completely turned around by it. Xx


Hi, I've only been on it six weeks now. I have had one flare up that eased within 4 days whereas I felt either permanently in a flare up before or visiting the GP for an infection. I have not been to the GP's in the six weeks I have been taking it apart from blood monitoring. The first week I felt a little nauseaous and wiped out the day after taking it. Since then I have been absolutely fine. No side effects at all. I try not to do too much the following morning after I have taken them the night before. I also started to increase the dose fortnightly. So far so good and I hope that you get on well with them too:)


hi im coming into my 3rd year i also take plaquinl,citalopram,zopiclone,domperidone,folic acid,chlorophenamine/omeprazole/tramadol/paracetamol/plus various pumps for emphazema and im only 44 lol, , yes i like metho as that is the only drug that works for my skin i believe it just touches the sides of the pain though, i also am so paranoid of of other ppls germs that i dont got out my consultant said poppy cop so i said its not ur body i know that metho is an immunsuppressant so it make sense that ill have a much lower immune system if any THREFORE TO ME THAT SAYS YOU MORE OPEN TO INFECTION correct i think ull find i know my body just like i knew for 12 years i was ill and i was told it was the stress of working full time and home educating my at the 10 yr old son who has aspergus/adhd you know wot im saying i was convinsed i was going through an early change with the speats and tired all the time but that never explained the rashes or hairloss of the feel like someone is playing a zalophone on ur bone , does anyones else get that at all? what i will also add is that i to read up on metho and was advice against it as im told its not for everyone as everyone is different how ever sing being on meth i find as a lupy person i can not take predisone OR antibiotic whilst taking meth as they make me verry confused dont know who i am where i am i just lay there so im told so i truly believe its is trial and error or which drug suits you as an indiviual . hope i help u and note scared you :) sending spoons


Thanks guys :)


hi i have experienced a rare side affect from taking metho...i have lost my sense of smell was sudden...has made life harder...trying to adjust to it...but after having many test MRI etc..the ENT specialist confirmed it was due to taking metho...i also am on plaquenil and predisolone, folic acid, etc


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