I suffer with really bad joint pain which gt worse 1 month ago then i suffered a fall breaking my hip?

The doctors cant work out how this occured as i had severe pain in the 2 weeks before & even saw my gp who said it was Sciatica then as i was getting into a taxi i fell onto my left side but it was my hip on the right i broke & needed surgery 2 repair it.Im only 34 and would like 2 know if anyone else who has been through this?

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  • when in i was 35 i was told that i had lupus and that i was on the waiting list for both hip resurfing the doc said it last 15 years before i get hip replacement i kept going back now iam the waiting list for totel hip replacment as the hip i got now was made wrong and there over 50 women who are sueing the people who made the hips the doc said to me iam on the urgent waiting list and that was back in dec last year keep going back to your gp even if it everyweek iam only 40 and yes its hurts alot keep going sorry for my spelling take care

  • I have had bursitis in my hip caused by the lupus. Thats agony. Look it up and see if it resonates. The other thing is long time steroid use causing nephritis in the hip which will make the bone brittle. Two options to check out. Hope you heal quicly x

  • Thank you i will look that up as the doctors have't a clue & need some answers.xx

  • Hi I'm 35 and have had two total hip replacements. One in 2003 and 2005. My consultant was very good and didn't have to wait at all for them both made in ceramic for longer wear and rotation. I was told that my hips had necrosis of the joints dye to prednisolone use which was confirmed by my rheumatologist. Tough break but no problems since so far fingers crossed.

  • Thank you for your answer,ur the 2nd pperson 2 mention the same condition which is more than i got from the doctors.Its such a shock 2 the system when it happens.

  • I did of course mean necrosis and not nephritis, unless you have a kidney in your hip! Early morning brain fog......xx

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