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Arthritis from lupus - anyone else have it mostly on one side only?

I know that arthritis from lupus usually affects both sides of the body, but does anyone else mostly have joint pain/swelling on only one side? I'm right handed, but I get arthritis mostly on that side, in my fingers, wrist, elbow and even shoulder, and leg pain in knee and hip on that side as well. Just wondered how "weird" this is. Thanks.

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Hiya! I get most of my pain and swelling down the right side too! I'm right-handed aswell. The Rheumatologist has said it's because I'm right-handed and rely on that side more than the left! Sounds really weird but apparently it's true! Lol


Hi - I'm exactly the same - used to think I hadn't got genuine symptoms as kept being told it affects both sides of the body.

Glad it's not just me...........................


I am suffering at the mo with swellings and pain down my LEFT side and I am right handed, work that one out!! Left shoulder, knee, foot, hand. fingers and toes, soooooooo painful!



Sorry to hear about your painful joints - my pain is muscular and like you mainly down the right side.

When the Physio visited me some years ago she examined my right arm and said the pain was in the deep muscle and not the bone as I thought. There was nothing she could do to help. The strong pain meds I am now on give me some relief. As for the swelling in the foot I just remove my shoe and sock - this eases the tightness for a few minutes only. I also lost a lot of teeth around that time but the one good thing to come out of it was the pain in my face eased!!!

Hope you feel better soon.


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