Im 18 years old weigh 9.5 stone and about 5.8 inches in height.

Iv never exercised alot before rarely really at all but thought i would start i have this fitness DVD thats helps workout every inch of my body so i started it today and now feel iv worked myself FAR TOO MUCH i was on for 15 min maximum and now my thighs seem to be shaking when i walk like there going to collaspe underneath me they are also quite painful to stand on for long so am now resting in bed for a time being. Is it because i worked for too long? should i not exercise at all? does this happen when you start? does anyone else do simple or extreme exercise with problems.

I no when you do exercise you can feel the way its worked up the muscle or the joint but mine pshhhhhh its collapsing underneath me lol.

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  • You need to take it slowly and build up your fitness, mobility and strength. Sounds like you went straight into exercise for healthy people, don't forget your illness, if you overdo it, it will get irritated.

  • yes to what purpletop is saying

    i had to learn this the hard way, but did finally, with encouragement of hero osteopath, figure out how to put together a gentle stretching yoga/pilates-type regime of 30-40 minutes each morning that made all the diff for me

    aside from that, the alexander technique was and remains the best grounding i could have for attempts at any form of exercise

  • Hi barn clown can u tell me wot Alexander technique is and can I buy it ty x

  • I agree, I do yoga and pilates which I find relax, stretch and loosen me but also hopefully strengthen me. DVDs are useful when you are used to the basics but I would advise going to an instructor to advise that you are doing exercises correctly otherwise you could be doing more harm than good. I used to do a lot of high impact classes and gym but now I have my gym exercises tailored around my abilities eg I have been advised not to use the treadmill (hurrah!) but use the cross trainer as it puts less impact on my joints. Swimming is also an excellent exercise as the water supports your weight so you are less likely to harm yourself. Also, remember that exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good! Good luck, hope it goes well.

  • Hi let'slaugh: the Alexander technique teaches how to sit, stand, move with the sort of posture that's most empowering for you and your bod. It's sorta the granddaddy of many posture-training systems. And it worked better for many than any other I tried. I have always gone to an Alexander teacher for training (been doing it nearly 40 yrs now) but there are books & videos available. It's a very simple natural process. If you're interested, try a google search for local teachers, books/DVDs.....as with most things, success is largely down to the chemistry between you and your teacher. I agree with jaxqueline: best to start with advice from a good instructor if poss

  • OK ty x

  • totally agree with the above. I'm 22 and about the same weight and height as you. I only got into exercising this year and I started off slow because i didn't want to flare. Body balance is great for me, its a mixture of taichi, yoga and pilates to music. I did that once a week, then i started adding a swimming session. Now I can go spinning as well, although i'm not as quick as everyone else, but it's all about building yourself up slowly. And when i'm not feeling too good, i'll just do body balance, because that's not too strenous.

    There was a point that I tried running, but that put me out for a week, my knees were aching like mad. So there is a bit of trial and error!

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