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Anyone else tired?

I am just so tired I've had a very busy two weeks with no rest time and next week isn't looking good. When you get peroids like this is there and you can do short term to improve your energy levels. I've had lupus a good number of years and when this happnes I usully end up in bed for a couple of days but this time I have no chance of doing that. I'm on plaquenil and Imuran.

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Its all down to Management,getting the balance right.which is very difficult if you are working

try if you can to pace your self.go to bed an hour earlier.take a dinner rest.

Hope you will find your own way to Pace,but it is a must or you will burn yourself out and this could cause a flare and that will be so bad for you and a flare can last for a day or years.

keep well

Love & Sunshine



Hi janx, I always have trouble pacing my self. I don't work so you would think it would be easy for me but it's not. I have never learned to say no at my age you would think I would have more sence but I don't. Going to bed an hour or two earlier is a good idea and learning to say no is something I have to do.


Morning! I always feel tired, everyday even after a long sleep, I take the kids to school and go back to bed for a couple of hours, It really gets me down, I don't work at the moment, but really want to get back into part-time work. I am hoping that its just down to the weather, short days, which are slowly getting longer up here in the highlands :-). I just feel lethargic all the time! Sometimes the fatigue just hits me like a ton of bricks! I seem to be not to bad with flare ups at the moment even though I have the usual aches and pains of lupus. I am hoping the spring will put a spring back into my step!! Take care


Twilo I think your right about the weather making us feel even more tired that normal. As I said to janx I have to learn to say no. I try to live a normal life I don't want to even admit to myself that I have a chronic health condition that snaps my energy. I'm doing well on the meds and haven't had a flair for almost two years just tiredness seems to be my big issue and if I paced myself a bit I would be ok. I admire all the mums out there who have young kids I don't know how you all do it. Like you I'm looking forward to the spring. I wonder if energy drinks might give me a little bost for the week ahead I migh give them a try.


I think its partly because its so dull, dark and cold, I still have snow!!!! I know alot of healthier people who feel the same..... I am the same as you copdber, I try and carry on as normal, deny I have a chronic illness or I don't want to keep using it as an excuse for feeling like this, I do too much round the house than I probably should in one go anyway, but I like to keep busy, then regret it later on when I sit down after putting the kids to bed, joints sieze and swell...... I must say I have been lucky with my flares after being diagnosed two years ago, I must be getting the right meds too, after a hellish first/second year. However like everyone says, don't do too much and take heed of what your body is trying to say. As for energy drinks my partner loves them but I don't like the taste :-(. Lets see how we feel in the spring, and I suppose look after ourselves and keep positive :-)


Pushing through the fatigue is no longer an option for me. I know I will end up a complete zombie for days, or possible weeks. Instead I have learned to prioritize, & to be honest, there isn't much that can't be crossed of the to do list when I'm not well enough to get out & about. I must admit, I am the world's worst at asking for help. But if you've got a good support network, I imagine there can be someone on standby for the things that really can't wait until you feel better.

I tried for years to push through all the pain & fatigue. Both pre diagnosis, & post diagnosis when I was in denial, & thought I could control this monster of an illness. It would be nice to think that we can keep one step ahead of Mr Lupus. But I think the truth is, if you are going into a flare you really need to listen to your body, & take very good care of yourself.

Energy drinks can only help in the short term. I would be reluctant to put all that sugar & caffeine into my body myself, as I tend to go into 'adrenaline mode' & then have a total crash afterwards. But then my body is very sensitive to many things these days. So you must judge this for yourself.

Maybe this is an good opportunity for you to put your organizational skills to the test, & gather those around you who can help you. I do hope that you feel better very soon. But listen to, & act upon, those little lupus warning bells, & you are less likely to have a really bad flare.

Very best wishes. X


I think I have said before "go with the flow" should be the motto for all of us. After 11 years I still forget but have to remind myself that The only way to survive the disease is to be crafty ignore your head or other people telling to do things and listen to your body. Fatigue is a given with Lupus sometimes worse than others. Winter seems to make it worse. Good luck we have snowdrops down here in Shropshire a sign of spring?


Evens how right you are my boady is crying out for some rest also I think I've caught a cold feeling a bit odd this morn. I love seeing snowdrops come it's a sure sing that we're on the right side of winter not long now before spring is hear.


When I first had Lupus I was down at the Doctors every week there were no sites like this.and you were alone,how ever after a year i got my head around Lupus and also joined local group,I then found i had to pace and say no and in my head at least Lupus was not going to control me, I would control it, listen to what your body is telling you and rest and say no.and you will learn to Go with the Flow as Evans says.

Jan X


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