Anyone in Herts, Beds and Bucks?

I am looking to make contact with people in and around my local area with a view to establishing a new group. I made contact with Lupus UK some months ago and it appears there has been no established group in the region for some time.

I would welcome enquiries from anyone with an interest in meeting up, sharing ideas or who might be willing to volunteer some spare time to help get something off the ground.

Best wishes


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  • Hi Val,

    I am on the Cambridgeshire/Herts border in Melbourn a village near Royston. I am currently in the Cambridgeshire group and actively participating with them. It's easier for me to get into Cambridge than into other parts of Herts because I don't drive (due to years of living in London - although I may learn next year if time allows it).

    I do wish you well with setting up a group. I'd be happy to meet up at some point though, perhaps in the new year? From the looks of the map you are not too far from me.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Val,

    It's wonderful that you'd like to help set up a new group in that area. If you're looking for more helpers, would you like me to ask people over our Facebook page? I can then put them in touch with you.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Val!

    I live in Hertfordshire not too far from Hemel Hempstead.

    I hope you are having a nice lupus free day today!

    Margaret x

  • Great to hear from you Margret. Perhaps you would be interested in joining me on a trip to meet with Ani and members of the Cambridge group in the new year? I am sure it would be very interesting and informative.

    It would be brilliant to have something on facebook, thank you Paul.

    thanks to all


  • I'll pop something up now and see if we get any feedback

  • Hi again Val

    If I can manage to go with you I will.

    It would be very nice to meet other people with this disease and be of support to them if needed. I think we are the only people who can truly do that as it must be very difficult to get your head around it if you dont have it yourself!

    I have felt very isolated for a long time and so I think this site is wonderful. Margaret x

  • Hi Margaret

    I couldn't agree more about feelings of isolation and the importance of understanding and support. I think his site is fantastic too. I'll keep you posted on the proposed visit. There may be one or two others who would be interested too.

    Take care


  • Hi Val,

    I would like to help if I can. Im near St Albans. Let me know if there is anything I can do.



  • Hi Danielle

    Lovely to hear from you. I'm hoping we will gather enough responses to organise a local meeting in the new year. I would appreciate help with this nearer the time. In the meantime, I will probably ask Paul if we can post something on the LupusUK blog ?? and I'll keep plugging it here from time to time.

    Many thanks


  • Hello all, I am in Bishops Stortford in the very east of Herts. I have been to one of the Cambridge meetings, but unfortunately wasn't well enough to go to the recent uni information day. There are a couple of folk I know via Facebook in West Essex and East Herts; but would be good to actually meet people with lupus. I can drive but not very confident these days. (I have read that Graham Hughes says that can be a lupus thing).

    Take care, Mary

  • Hi Mary

    Lovely to hear from you. I am sure there are lots of Lupus sufferers accross the regions who would relish the opportunity to get together with others in the same boat. As you say, we can often find ourselves isolated from the support we need. Would either of your folks be interested in supporting us do you think?

    Many thanks


  • Hi All

    Just a quick update. People seeking support or wanting to volunteer in Buckinghamshire should contact the Thames Valley group. This means that our new group would focus on Herts and Beds only.

    Best wishes


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