The awful scandal of Staffordshire

Dear everybody

With Staffordshire so in the news again. Please take those two moments: one moment to sign the petition, and another one to pass it on. The culture in the UK for medical staff and us as patients speaking out is truly appalling. Medical staff who do the right things and raise concerns, often lose their careers and get bullied, us as patients, can sometimes find ourselves with no care. Dr Pal spoke out years in advance at Staffordshire, and was bullied out of her career, she has continued to speak out on behalf of patients and work behind the scenes with good medical staff being atrociously treated. PLEASE help if you can , thanks:

Patients with autoimmune often get over looked before diagnosis!

Mary F

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  • Thanks Mary, Signed! xxx :)

  • Thank you, and please pass it on to others you know if you possibly can, Thanks M xx

  • Signed and good luck.

  • thanks lots of people signing and passing it on, ta xx

  • ..and passed on! xxx :)

  • xxx

  • Signed with pleasure. Victim of NHS cover ups and shabby treatment.

  • Thanks.. and do please pass it on widely , thanks M x

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