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First step over with

Hopes for a nice lie in have gone out the window, I ended waking up at 7:30! Think my body clock's used to getting up early now after the last few days. Starting to feel it a bit now though.

Overall conclusion of my little trip: My flare ups are going to have to be controlled a little better before I can think about having anything done. So lots of blood was taken, (over 10 tubes :/) along with some photographs and lots of questions answered.

I definately feel better for having going but got a slight niggle now, wish I would've asked a bit more about the procedure/s as the consultants talked about fat transfer to my face but I'm wondering where they're going to get it from as I haven't got much left to be taken after the Lipodystrophy! And even less if I have another flare! And will anything be done about the fat lost from my body.. I guess there's lots of time to go into this though. I just hope something can be sorted.

Anyway,my next appointment's in January so I guess I best try to start saving some pennies.. and hope that I'm well enough to go around this time!

Hope everyone has a happy Sunday :)

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Well,it looks like we both have New Year appointments.I had my bloods done on Friday hopefully,we will have good news.Let's hope we don't have more flares.We sound very much alike symptom wise.I wish you well.


Yes they're definately not something to look forward to are they. Got a feeling will be re-appearing soon. But yes, let's hope! I guess we've just got to try to make the most of things while we're able.

I wish you well too.


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