Promise of a lazy Saturday?

I had it all planned, today i was going to lay in and only do what I wanted to all day as hubby going out straight from work I could see a day I could veg out as much as I wanted ahhhh..... but I think the puppy must have heard me! At 7am a very apologetic angelic puppy was fidgeting in her cage and looking at me with those big dark eyes desperate to go out as I thought but no she had heard one of my grandchildren who stayed last night turn over and she wanted to go and see them. Yes I love her to bits but another hour would have been nice as I had been awake on and off all night.

So now I have my fingers crossed for the rest of the day lol x x

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oh poor you :( That will be tomorrow, as my grandaughter will be staying tonight! Love her to bits but she never stops but wouldn't have her any other way :) she tires me out but is also the best medicine because she makes me laugh, hope you have a lovely day, and you sleep better tonight, take care, Mandy x


Well,there is nothing like a puppy to take your mind off things,never mind the grandchildren.I wish you a nice week-end.


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