Government disgrace

I've just read silverback's blog and also went back and looked at other blogs I'm totally disgusted by the way your all being treated can't someone do something to educate these thick people on lupus/autoimmune disease.they should have medical research facilities in these government buildings so they can do some real work by researches diseases they obliviously know nothing about and this fact alone they have no right to stop peoples DLA or any other benefits when they know nothing about the illness.I'd like to find out if they have medical back grounds and wet them into an interview room with people from all walks of life with all different conditions/diseases and question them thoroughly just to see what they actually know about anything rant over x


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12 Replies

  • Thanx for that, pity more people don't think like you, then people wouldn't have to put up with the awful decision that ESA and DLA people make.

    I am one of the luckier ones (contradiction in terms I know) but I was put into the support group and am getting DLA, but I know a greater percentage don't.

  • I am too as in I work part time but my hubby helps support me.surely they can't be getting right info I think these people need to go to classes or something.doctors/specialists discover new/more info about diseases/conditions all the time and this should be passed on to relevant people.I don't know if these people who say you can/can't get this benefit are educated medically and if not they should be ranting again sorry need to go to work x

  • they need to treat people they see with respect, every time i had to go to the job centre to see my advisor i was spoken to like dirt by the receptionist. i showed her my letter and was told to sit in waiting area,waited for almost two hours and then was approached by another member of staff who turned out to be my new advisor and he was told i hadnt showed up?!

    i am always polite to whom ever i speak to,no matter why they need to speak to me.

    yes they do need to learn alot more about lupus and M.E and other simular autoimmune diseases, and listen. merit each case individually. they should have some sort of medical training................time for a cuppa i think!

  • The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing they all a bunch of idiots.yes they do need medical knowledge/training.their playing monopoly with peoples lives x

  • lets face it this government haven't a clue about anything especially health matters and are running us all into the ground.Before my dad died last year through cancer and many other illnesses he was told they were taking his dla off him. The problem is some folk know how to play the system and its usually the ones who aren't really ill who are good at this and keep all benefits like that woman who was on the news who was caught playing golf. Between the daggers and the government we have very little chance of getting any help.

    Rant over it makes my blood boil.

  • Mine too luupysue x

  • My DLA claim was turned down! I have not been able to work for 8 years, I was a qualified nurse. Because I worked for the nursing bank I only did a few split hours a week before this as my health deteriorated. My rheumy said I should no longer work so supported my claim to take deferred ( early) retirement This was successful and amounts to 5 thousand a year. Not much! I had to take a hit on this sum for it being early. I was42.

    I kept getting letters to say my NI contributions were then falling short because I'm not working. I tried to get help to pay these but, get this because I never used benefits when I was sick I am not entitled to help. Fast forward 7 years I did successfully get a blue badge, and as things have gone downhill health wise I applied for DLA, guess what turned down out of hand.

    I seems to me the less you claim and do not use the system( which I payed into since I was 18 the less you can get when you really need it.

    Yep time for a cuppa !

  • As I said it's disgusting I mean the whole system. Your right korimico as I knew a man who worked all his life until he couldn't through cancer and was told he wasn't entitled to a penny help but MacMillan nurses soon put that right.I too have worked most likely f my adult life even when a single parent with 3 kids.I went to live in Spain because of arthritis and came back nearly 2 years ago to be told I wasn't entitled to any help at all,no money,no NHS for 6 months.lucky my old employer gave me some hours and I got a 2nd job.I broke up with my husband in Spain but we stayed friends,when he came back here we share a HSE now and he helps me as now only got 1 job.if I knew the rights for benefits I would be on here constantly trying to help you've worked helping others and now they treat you like a nobody it's all wrong.I would like to know exactly how many people suffer with autoimmune disease/condition and do something.a protest march or petition something maybe swamp DLA/SLA. And any other government department with lupus/autoimmune data/leaflets x

  • I'd be up for that!!! My dad had a stroke at 55 and he was a window fitter all his life, he tried claiming dla and esa and although he gets dla he's been told he's fit for work!! HOw can he climb a ladder and fit a window when he struggles to use his right side. It's put me off Trying to claim. I even tried suing the doctor Who told me that I didn't have raynauds and I'm naturay purple, I showed him the butterfly rash and he have me moistureiser and showed me the door.. he's left the country so I can't make a claim for medical negligence! STupid system Xx

  • I get by on computer wouldn't pass any test on it how could we organise a petition ? Can it be done on line?I'm full of bright ideas not got the know how to do it ,was hoping someone would volunteer lol x

  • Google it lol Google sorts everything xxx

  • id sign it or walk in a protest march!

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