So tired

Partly my own fault but I am so tired today. I had a relatively busy weekend for me now (but not for me a year ago) and then had my aunts funeral yesterday and stood for about 3 hours chatting to family. Today my hands are really puffy and and I ache. I just want t go back to bed but have to go to work.

The fatigue just seems to be getting worse at the moment and making my life even slower which I hate.

Right now i have unloaded that I had better get myself moving and go and get ready.


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  • I know exactly how you feel. A few months ago my life was non stop and now all I can only manage work two and a half days a week and then have to spend the next day recovering! I think the tiredness is the worst thing about lupus. No matter how much you sleep you're always bloody exhausted. Anyway got to get ready for work too. Enjoy your day and keep smiling :)

    Sharon x

  • Hi Sue

    I really feel for you. I am redundant from my job now, but when I was working I used to crawl in some mornings and really struggle to get through the day. Even though I had quite a lot of adjustments at work, I look back and wonder how I managed. I don't cope well in the winter. My body seems to come to a halt and I could quite happily hybernate.

    I hope you manage to get some rest in soon.


  • I hope you have a good day.I usually find that once I get going and put my concentration as much as I can on something else it helps.Try and have a good day.I have to say,at the moment I am feeling better but,as we all know,it may not last.

  • It did improve luckily except for my home visit being in the back of beyond and I got hopelessly lost on my way back in single track lanes in the middle of a wood! lol

    Sue x

  • Just give yourself the time to rest and adjust. When life is hectic, lupus comes up and bites you on the bum! x

  • Doesn't it just! lol x

  • Hi Sue

    Hope your day wasn't too horrendous. So sorry to hear about your Aunty, no wonder you feel so unwell today. You need to get to the weekend and sleep, make no plans. Have a break and take it easy.

    Alison xx

  • Thank you. It was sad as she was my last Aunt but it was nice to meet up with some of my cousins I have not seen for years. I always plan to do nothing at the weekend but it seldom works out thay way but I have booked 2 days of work at the end of the month and so far have not told anyone so hopefully I will have them to myself. Yesterday got better as the day went on luckily.

    Sue x

  • Sue,I am so sorry for your loss,I recently lost my Aunt too(my Mother's only remaining sibling).I never got to her funeral,she lived in Scotland,Kirkcaldy so,at least you could mourn her departure with your relatives,not that that makes it any easier.The Lupus can be very spiteful,just when you need your energy most the Lupus robs you of it.I hope you are feeling better today.

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