Another frustrating day!

Life for me lately has been full of symptoms and stress and as all of you already know those seem to be a vicious cycle that is difficult to break. Yesterday I experienced a new "symptom" I have been having sharp chest pains feels like someone is stabbing me with a hot poker right threw my heart the pain radiates up my neck and threw my jaw. I suffer from extremely high cholesterol so initially my family was very scared they took my into a local ER. However, with no testing having been done yet this young female doc walks in the room looks at my med list and says have you been taking you phsyc meds this is probably a result of failure to complain with those meds and you are having an anxiety attack. I got up and left...the pain is still there and it is extreme, now my left arm is numb from the shoulder down. Going to call the GP when they open just wondered how many of you have faced this type of reaction an what you have done about it? Seem like the world needs a better education of our disease... Tired of being treated like I am crazy and not sick.

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  • Bless you Amy,,it is so unfair when the medical profession in my opinion often don't listen to us!So annoying.The pain you describe is the exact same way i described pain in my back between my shoulder blades last week,,a red hot knife i described it as!!I diden't get any answers either and i now know that i was and still slightly am surrering from a trapped nerve.How did it happen,,i could not find an answer as i had not moved,turned or twisted anything any just came on from now were,,i was hardly able to move for the 1st day because of pain,,i take Tramadol and that never touched the pain.its eased off quite alot now,,i still apply heat to it daily. The way you describe your pain makes me think this could be you also,,hope i have maybe helped you.Hey i am also at Face book,,,our Lupus group is called Lupus is real !!,,,,,pop in and say hi!Best of luck to you Dawn.x

  • I have had long periods of nerve trouble in my wrists, elbows shoulder and neck. This al came to a head when I lost all feeling in my right hand. The problem was that as a car restorer I was working with lots of potentially dangerous things. At one point I was shocked to look down to see blood dripping off my hand. No idea what had sliced it. ~This prompted swift action and I saw a physio who manipulated my neck and found the point at which it was trapped. ( Up until this point I believed the problem to be in my elbow) she push the point and my arm tingled, she pressed again and it was numb. A little tinkering and things got better. She showed me some nerve stretch exercises and encouraged soft exercise like t'ai chi. And whenever possible let the arms hang loose rather than guarding them as I tended to. I should point out that the physio was Dutch trained and to a very high standard.

  • unfortunately lupus is full of surprises!Yes,its so annoying when you talk to GP and their answer is its lupus and then you wait for a rheumi apt to come along.............its hard but no matter how much you hate hearing yourself TELL YOUR DOC that you are ill not imaging it, being dramatic and that you need assistance and advice. have joined fb just to feel linked to fellow luppylites! It doesnt ease pain or fear but it does make me feel that this is real and others are walking, talking, functioning with this cruel and misunderstood friend that just wont go away! x x x x x

  • I know how you feel about nobody knowing much about our illness. I've had four lots of different steroids just this past week! My G.P. had no idea what to do with me so rang Rheumy while I was there and he had no clue either! I've had this disease for nearly five years so surely they should have some idea on how to treat us, they knew enough to diagnose it in the first place! I get so frustrated explaining symptoms over and over again to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the medical profession to be stared at as if I had two heads! Now I've vented I hope you feel better soon but rest assured you are not the only one who feels this way! Much love x

  • Amen!!! It amazes me that these so called healers don't even pick up a book. I understand this is not something they see everyday but don't they have a responsibility to educate themselves on how to treat their patients. If they have something they are not knowledgeable about in their clinic at the very least they should have an obligation to admit their own ignorance and help to locate someone who has that knowledge for their patient! It would be refreshing for them to be candid and helpful in locating a medical professional who can help!! WE ARE NOT CRAZY WE ARE SICK! All we are begging for is understanding and help! Now that I have that off my chest maybe I will be able to think thank you all for the love and support it means more to me than words can express! Keeping all of my new found friends in my prayers each night!

  • I've have on occasions, similar chest and arm pain. When I have this pain I try keeping chest warm, drinking plenty of water and patting/massaging effected areas. I found this works for me :)

  • Hi Amy

    I hope you get to see your doctor and get proper treatment. I went through a period a few years ago where I would wake up at night time with severe stabbing pains in my chest, which could only be relieved by curling myself into a ball and drawing my knees up to my chest (yes I know it sounds odd), It would normally subside after an hour, as most Lupies do I ignored it. This all came to a head and I was diagnosed and treated for pericarditis and inflammation of the lining of the lungs. I was referred to a heart specalist and had extensive tests done to find out I have an unusually healthly heart- so all is not lost! Lupus is a slippery customer, it sneaks up on you and runs riot through different parts of your body, you do not know where it is going to pop up next. I have been living with (SLE)Lupus for 8 years and still sometimes get Lupus symptoms and "normal" ill mixed up. I am fortunate in that I have an understanding GP (he thinks Lupus is fascinating) my rhumie is OK, I think to a certain extent doctors feel fustrated, they train long and hard to be able to cure people when they see a lupie they know all they can do is keep us all in a "holding pattern" till better drugs/a cure is found.

    2011 is drawing to a close, I hope 2012 brings you peace and a shot of good health.


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